The Legacy of ‘Legacy’ in Brisbane


A thousand g’days discerning readers! It is time to talk about the Legacy scene in our fair city. Legacy is, of course, one of Magic: the Gathering’s more venerable formats with a cardpool that stretches from M14 all the way back to Alpha. A vibrant community has emerged in Brisbane over the last four years with players regularly converging at Good Games on Tuesday nights for their weekly Wasteland and Force of Will fix. Last week’s event featured 23 players and a variety of crazy decks. Chris Acworth and Nick Chmielewski were the joint winners with each snaring a cool $40 store credit.

Here’s how the top 8 looked:

1.Acworth, Chris         ANT
2.Chmielewski, Nicholas  Sneaky Show
3.Thistlethwaite, Ryan   BUG
4.Pierson, Robert        Elf Ball
5.Wintle, Nathan         Goblins
6.Baxter, Jack           BUG
7.Evans, Beau            Fish
8.Archer, Josh           Dark Lands

Chris and Nick also have the honour of being etched into the hallowed Hall O’ Fame—a record of all the winners of Tuesday night Legacy since December 2011! The info for this week’s event and the latest update of the Hall O’ Fame can be found on the Paper-Gamer forum here. If you want to experience some of the best action Magic has to offer then I recommend coming along to give it a try. There is always a friendly face willing to lend a new player a competitive deck to try. Another incentive to get your Legacy on is a spiffing side event coming up at Grand Prix: Brisbane. I hope to see you all there! Here are the ‘deets’.

Friday 4th of October. 11am. $30 Entry. Legacy Event with Top 8 Playoff.

1st: English MOAT

2nd: Grim Tutor

3rd-4th: Jace, the Mind Sculptor

5th-8th: Force of Will


The Recent History of Legacy in Brisbane

Four years ago the only place you could play Legacy in Brisbane was the Maverick card shop over in Strathpine. The shop hosted events on Saturdays and Thursday nights. This is where I first cut my teeth and it was love at first Daze. Every Thursday I would make the trek to Strathpine to try out the latest build of my custom Zoo or Storm deck. I even started a carpool for some of the other Legacy-starved players in the city. I had a look back at the Paper-Gamer forum and found a record of the first time I put the word out! Alas; all good things must come to an end. Maverick shut its doors a few short months later and thus began a dark age for Legacy duelists everywhere!

Later, in 2010, my good mate, Brendan Watson, and I decided that we would put an end to the Legacy obsolescence. We devised a new weekly tournament to be held at Ace Annerley in conjunction with regular Friday Night Magic. We even put up some of our own cards as prizes! Check out the rallying call for the first such event here.  Unfortunately it never caught on with numbers up one week and all the way down the next. Some players reasoned that Legacy needed its own weekday slot or possibly a more niche trading card shop that could provide an inventory of tournament staples.

When Cory set up the Good Games franchise in Spring Hill, he declared that older Magic formats would be given some much needed support. Here’s the details of Good Games’s first Legacy event where a whopping 9 players showed up in support of the format (Your friendly neighbourhood Gman won with Goblins). And the rest, as they say, is history.

I thought it would be appropriate to highlight some of the key people who have contributed their time and resources to keeping Legacy alive over the last few years. I even got them to answer some questions!


Brendan Watson

Part time Electrical Engineer, part time Belcher-extraordinaire! Brendan has been a valuable ally to Brisbane’s Legacy scene for a number of years. He was instrumental in getting several tournaments off the ground at Ace and Good Games and even contributed some of his own cards as prizes at times. These days he can be found at Good Games slinging combolicious cardboard, content that his work here is done.

-Do you think Legacy has a positive future given the upward trend of Modern?

Sure there are always going to be guys like me who have the cards and only want to play Legacy. Modern will take over but Legacy will hold niche value for some.

-Do you think any cards need to be banned in Legacy at the moment?

I’m not a huge fan of Show and Tell since it’s a 3 mana 1 card win combo, but it’s not dominating tournaments so don’t think it needs to be banned.

-You walk up to a perfect 10 in a bar wearing your GP: Brisbane hoody. What line do you use?

Lol, I wouldn’t wear a hoodie to a bar but: “I’d like to show you my Uktabi Orangutan moves…” and then walk off.


Nick Chmielewski

Legacy might not have had a chance at Ace and Good Games if Nick hadn’t generously loaned his decks to new players. It is no secret that competitive Legacy decks take plenty of time and money to assemble, so the early events depended on seasoned players making their collections available to others. Indeed sometimes half the decks in the room belonged to him! More recently he has fashioned himself into Brisbane’s premier eternal specialist with several impressive performances at interstate Legacy and Vintage tournaments.

-Do you think Legacy has a positive future given the upward trend of Modern?

I think Legacy has a positive future. The community is very friendly and willing to help out, so card availability isn’t really an issue. The cost generally is the limiting factor, but because there aren’t rapid metagame shifts, players can play the same deck week after week and still perform well.

-What has been your best result at an eternal format tournament?

My best achievement was winning the Eternal Champion award at GP Melbourne last year. I top 8’d the Legacy, Vintage and Highlander event, and I got a trophy with a Black Lotus on it for my efforts!

-What is your favourite Legacy card?

Crop Rotation. Tutors have always been strong cards in Magic, and Crop Rotation is instant speed! I’ve made many tricksy plays with it—from tutoring out Tabernacle to kill goblin tokens, to getting a Bojuka Bog to ruin graveyard decks. Lately my favourite play has been to tutor out Cavern of Souls to make my Primeval Titans uncounterable.


Tod ‘The Tod’ Thomson

The Tod has diligently maintained the Hall O’ Fame for a long time now. I originally started recording the winners of Good Games’s Legacy events as something of a marketing ploy (who doesn’t like having their name up for everyone to see!?). My enthusiasm for typing up deck names eventually waned but Tod voluntarily took up the baton and today the majesty of the mighty Hall has become legend!

– Do you think Legacy has a positive future given the upward trend of Modern?

The rumours of Legacy’s demise have been greatly exaggerated! I expect Modern to ‘simmer down’ again after the GP in the same way as it did at the end of the last Modern season. On top of that, we are still seeing 20+ players every week at Legacy, so we’re still in good shape.

-If you could take 2 teammates with you to an interstate Legacy tournament, who would they be?

So I crunched the Hall O’ Fame numbers and came up with this:

Name (Wins)

Nicholas Chmielewski (10)

Jack Baxter (9)

I have to be honest, in my head these were the two guys I had picked out anyhow. Why? They put up good results every time they play with whatever deck they are playing with, week in, week out. Honourable mention goes out to Tim Collings (7); he’s my number 3. He doesn’t play Legacy nearly as often as I’m sure he would like to, yet he has 7 wins on the board, half of which are with home brews and random tech decks and what not!

-What’s your favourite blouse?

Riding the Dilu Horse! No it absolutely has to be Armadillo Cloak. I don’t think I have ever landed one of these bad boys on a Geist of Saint Traft without shortly thereafter notching up a win.

Be sure to give these 3 blokes a pat on the back for their fine efforts. There are, of course, many other individuals who deserve credit in making Legacy in Brisbane what it is today. Thanks to all the store owners and event organisers over the years who have hosted tournaments. And thank YOU, the Legacy players of Brisbane. We have one of the best Legacy communities in Australia. May it continue to prosper!

Thanks for reading.

– Jonathan

Bonus: Did you know that Legacy was officially minted in 2004 and that Wizards had a vote on what to call the format? ‘Throwback’ anyone?

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