The Hunt is On!

Fantasy Flight Games have announced just yesterday the light side of the Balance of the Force multiplayer expansion, The Hunt for Skywalker. We previewed the first half of the expansion a little earlier on, the dark side objective game Jerjerrod’s Task which you can check out here.


The format of the light side objective game is much like a top-down ‘christmas tree’ onslaught against the light side objectives by the dark side forces in, you guessed it, the hunt for Luke Skywalker.

Dark Side attack approach.

Dark Side attack approach.

Once the dark side forces deal damage to a face-down objective it is then flipped face-up triggering the effect of the new objective. These effects can vary from making the dark side discard cards from the top of their command decks, force the dark side teams to only attack objectives with character or creature units or benefit the light side by increasing their reserve value by the number of dark side players. Probably the best part of this multiplayer game is the strategic mind required by both sides, more so the light side in setting up their objective cards to trigger with meaningful effects when they think they’ll need them.

Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker

Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker

This is going to be a lot of fun and I can’t wait for it to hit our shores. With any luck it will be here in time for those interested to jump into a few games at the Star Wars LCG Nationals in Brisbane on November 23rd. Check out the details on the FFG website here or read up on BTGN’s coverage here.

Hope to see many of you at Nationals! Keep up with all other keen players on the forums and make sure your decks are primed. Need a deck boost? Score a free Star Wars Core set by entering BTGN’s competition right here. You know you want to!

– Kuso

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