Sydneigh 2014 – What the HAY?

Looks like this applecart…. has been upset  (YEEEAAAAAAH!!!!!!)

The sad news broke on Thursday night that Sydneigh 2014 would not go ahead as promised. The Brony community is (understandably) upset by the news. This not only means the cancellation of Sydneigh 2014, it also puts the future of the Enterplay MLP CCG National Championships 2014 in doubt.

The Sydneigh 2014 executive committee has released several statements to their Facebook page and the Sydneigh 2014 website. The unfortunate combination of an increase in venue cost, a lack of advertising and a lack of support for the final crowd funding push was given as the reasons for the cancellation of Sydneigh. To further complicate matters, the company behind Sydneigh 2014 has been declared insolvent, meaning that customers and vendors will not be given a full refund for their pre-purchased tickets and stalls.

The organisers of Sydneigh 2014 have been criticised for pushing ticket sales until the 11th hour and expecting fans to pre-purchase tickets without a completed program or confirmed VA and Artist guest list. Fans are also upset that people who pre-purchased tickets are being advised not to open PayPal disputes with the Sydneigh Organizers. This is a bid to prevent more monetary loss to the insolvent company. This has lead to many unhappy customers and unhappy Bronies.

The ‘pass the buck’ attitude and the seemingly uncontrived apology on the Sydneigh 2014 website is certainly not helping the matter. Australian Tabletop Gaming Network approached the Sydneigh 2014 Executive committee for comment. At the time of article publication, the Sydneigh 2014 Executive committee has not responded.

Enterplay LLC and Banter Toys and Games were approached for comment and both responded very quickly. Enterplay LLC is currently organizing with Banter to find an alternative venue for the National Championships. Banter has responded with a similar comment stating that Nationals will go ahead (regardless) as soon as a suitable venue has been organised. We can confirm (via communication with Banter toys and Good Games) that Good Games at Burwood will be hosting the National Championships.

indexThe National Championships will take place on the same days (28 – 29 September) as Sydneigh and will go from 10am until 5pm. Here’s the link to Banter’s event page Thanks to Good Games Burwood there will still be a National Championship, now with free and open entry. The Burwood store is within walking distance of the original Sydneigh location so interstate and rural MLP CCG players who have organized transport and accommodation don’t have to change their bookings.


News broke on Saturday morning that a small group of Bronies had started SalvageCon. SalvageCon is backed by the funds of several devoted Bronies and the support of PikaCon. Anyone who has pre-purchased Sydneigh tickets will be given free entry. Artists, vendors and stakeholders to Sydneigh will be able to set up stalls free of charge. SalvageCon will also host a cosplay event, panels, lucky door prizes and a movie night.


This does mean that the play schedule for National Championships has changed again. Last Ditch Swiss (Round 1) and Round 2 (Top 16 determiner) will be held at the SalvageCon event. The MLP CCG Nationals will be held at Good Games Burwood for the Top 16 players on Sunday from 10am. Entry is free to both events. The prize pool is supported by Banter Toys and Good Games Burwood. As a quick rundown, Last Ditch Swiss is open and free to enter. The top 4 players from Last Ditch Swiss will move on to Round 2. Round 2 will involve the top 8 players from the Regional Championships and the top four players from Last Ditch Swiss. The player will compete for the top 16 places in Round 3, the National Championships. The judge for MLP CCG National Championships is veteran player and regional’s organizer Phillip Sellers, supported by veteran player Nathan Sullivan.



Yay teamwork!

Despite the disappointment of the Sydneigh 2014 cancellation, Bronies have banded together to make the best of a bad situation. Comments about the organization of Sydneigh aside, it shows that Bronies are able to work together and overcome setbacks. It reflects very well on the Brony community and the MLP CCG community and their ability to work together.

To wrap this up, National Championships is going ahead and will be hosted at SalvageCon and Good Games Burwood. Everyone who has pre-paid to attend Sydneigh 2014 will be able to attend SalvageCon (for free) and artists and vendors will still be able to operate. It just goes to show what you can achieve with teamwork.
~ Annette

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