Super Hack Override – Review

In the far Distance future of the year 2000, hackers from all over the world have been brought together by the mysterious and powerful Supreme Super Hacker. The question is why? Why has the Supreme Super Hacker brought you all together for a winner takes all, no holds bar hack battle? What could be worth spending your life in Hacker Jail? The prize on the line is to take over the mantel of the most powerful hacker in the world, The New Supreme Super Hack.


Normally I put the rules and a brief how to play. But how could I do a better job than the group at Weird Giraffe Games themselves. Below is their guide on how to play Super Hack Override, also check out their other videos on their YouTube page as there are some super helpful hints and a more in depth look at the card.

The thing I like about these small deck games, is there’ take anywhere’ nature. I caught up with a couple of friends from my old work on Thursday night, and forgot I had Super Hack Override in my work bag. So over a few beers, we decided to give it a go and see how it played. Considering I only knew one of them as an avid board & card game player, I was a little worried about how it would go over and the learning curve of the game.  This game is easier to learn and yet a lot more complex that I originally thought, but definitely not in a bad way. We played about 3-4 hands just to get us used to everything, and then the gloves were off. 3 hours and several beers later, it was time to say goodbye but not after just one more game. Ben and Finley loved the game and Ben who is not really much of a gamer and will normally give us grief about playing board games seemed to really love it.

The true beauty of this game is the intelligence of it. It reminds me of chess in that you need to be thinking several moves ahead, and be exceptionally board aware because of the The Dual win conditions of sending everyone to Hacker Jail or a Hacker earning enough cred. We found that the average game for the 3 of us went for approximate 8-15 mins with some ending in as little as 5 mins.

When I first saw this game, I expected it to be a nice simple game that was both fun and easy. But it wasn’t until I sat down to play it that I truly realised the complexity and intellect of this game. This is more than just a simple card game, this game is exceptionally clever. Watching what is on the table and what could possibly be in hackers hands really adds an element of stress and suspense to the game. It really does make you feel like you are really hacking.


As you all know, a games artwork is a huge part of why I love certain games so much, and the artwork on this was a major draw card for me. It could be my love for Max Headroom or the fact I binge watched Moonbeam City only several days before contacting Weird Giraffe Games. The stylised 80’s “Futuristic” artwork just really made me fall for this game, but the complex game play has cemented this as one of my new favourites.

The only real issue I could possibly see with this game is that some people will see hacking and think Netrunner rip off. This is by no means the case. I enjoyed Netrunner and continue to play it casually to this day. But Super Hack Override has no real similarity to Netrunner other than the subject of both games is about computer hacking.

As you can tell, I really enjoyed Super Hack Override and am highly impressed by the intelligence and simple beauty of the mechanics of this game. The thing that makes me love this game even more is that this is the first game from Weird Giraffe Games and what a solid first game it is. If they keep releasing games like this mark my words this will be a game company to watch.

Super Hack Override is due to be Kickstarted on the 12th of September. To keep up to date with Weird Giraffe games and be notified when the Kickstarter for Super Hack Override begins click here  and sign up to their mailing list.

Also check out a preview of their Kickstarter here

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