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Supanova can be described as a pop culture expo centred on film, television and anime with panels structured for attendees to meet celebrities for photos and signings. That’s not to say that there weren’t things there for table top RPG players, board game enthusiasts and trading card gamers. I was lucky enough to attend Supanova Melbourne on Saturday and Sunday, where I spoke with some local Australian business people I thought could be of use to the readers.

Eden ArmouryEden Armoury makes prop weapons, mostly on commission but they do have a line of swords, bows and guns. They extrapolate a 3D model of a figure or prop drawn in 2D, then use that to create a mould to cast the prop in resin; there was a knife and model on display to show their process. In the conversation I had with the booth operator they mentioned they had done miniatures on commission in the past. If you wanted to get a unique miniature cast in resin, that can then be painted by hand, of your RPG character or a monster that you’ve invented, check them out.

ImaginablesImaginables is a company that distributes 3D printers among enthusiasts and connects people who want things printed to people who have the printers. They had a Settlers of Catan hex grid in their booth which gave the play space more depth than you can get using cardboard and it’s a rare item that most players don’t have. I also had a thought that if you were a game designer and needed parts created for a prototype of your game that can’t be bought from a store, this would be a great place to start.

comicisshoesOther really neat businesses that I saw were Comic Isshoes which take pages from comic books and apply them to shoes and purses to make a radically individual product. Funky Journals takes old records and children’s books and recycles them into note books to create unique and personalised stationary – instead to those things making their way into landfill.

Lastly there were a number of Australian higher education facilities dedicated to educating their students in graphic design, video game design and sound design; with the specific intent of having their students working on video games, movies and TV.

There was far too much to see and do at Supanova to be contained in a blog post. It is a great convention that is held in almost every major city in the country and the Gold Coast Supanova will have an area just for tabletop role playing games, board games and trading card games – if you need a break from the celebrities, cosplay and exclusive screenings.

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