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Ace Comics & Games Annerley held it’s LCG Store Championship Weekend last week and first cab off the rank was Star Wars. Nine players were in attendance which is on par with last year despite a recent uptick in the number of active players in Brisbane. This meant that the tournament consisted of four rounds with no top cut.

What was brought to the table –


On the dark side almost everyone ran Imperial Navy builds which is indicative of the shift in the meta brought about by recent releases. Only one player stayed loyal to the Sith. The rest were somewhere in between running Navy builds with Sith affiliations.


On the light side the spread was more even. Players still seem to be undecided on which strategy is best to deal with the Empire’s newfound might. Rebel fighters with Jedi splash was the most favoured approach followed by straight Jedi and Rebel builds. Smugglers and Spies seem to have fallen by the wayside with very little representation.

Round breakdown.

Round 1

Dutch 6 v Nathan 0

Diego 0 v Marcus 6

Faron 3 v Tyson 3

Tristin 6 v Rodney 0

Bye: Immanuel 6

Dutch was looking for a strong start early and got it against Nathan, sweeping him 6-0. Marcus too was looking for a strong start and managed it against Diego. Faron’s first ever store championship game went relatively well, splitting with the more experienced Tyson. Tristin, the reigning national champion was the one to beat but he was up against his pre-tournament sparring partner in Rodney and Rodney was unable to take him down. Immanuel had happened to be in the right place at the right time. Having never played a game of Star Wars before in his life, he took an interest in what the group was doing and decided to try his hand at it. Very fortunately for him he scored the first round bye and was able to watch a match being played before having a crack himself.

Round 2

Immanuel 0 v Dutch 6

Marcus 0 v Tristin 6

Faron 6 v Nathan 0

Diego 0 v Tyson 6

Bye: Rodney 6

Round 2 was a volatile one! Dutch showed no mercy to the new guy sweeping him 6-0. Faron had a strong run against Nathan. Tyson found better luck against Diego and Tristin’s reputation preceded him against Marcus, who after a turn 1 error couldn’t recover. Rodney enjoyed an early lunch break after his unfortunate round 1 pairing.

Round 3

Tristin 3 v Dutch 3

Faron 0 v Marcus 6

Tyson 6 v Rodney 0

Immanuel 0 v Diego 6

Bye: Nathan 6

Someone needed to take Tristin down a peg, and Dutch was the man to do it. But he only took him down a single peg as they split. Marcus regained his momentum against Faron, however, the last half was quite a grind that could have gone either way. Diego found his feet against Immanuel sweeping him 6-0. Tyson brought his A-game against Rodney who suffered a demoralising 6-0 defeat. Nathan enjoyed the bye.

Round 4

Tristin 4 v Tyson 1

Dutch 3 v Marcus 3

Faron 3 v Immanuel 3

Rodney 3 v Nathan 3

Bye: Diego

The final round was in stark contrast to round two as there were no 6-0 results. Tyson ground Tristin down but couldn’t come away with a win. Marcus and Dutch butted heads with each side winning their match comfortably. Immanuel was finally starting to get the hang of things and managed to split with Faron. Rodney and Nathan reignited the grudge match and also split. Diego not only had the bye, he had to go bye bye due to family commitments.

How did each deck type fare?


Sith/Navy had the better win percentage but Navy alone had more than 3 times the number of games so you could probably call it the most consistent. With so many good navy builds on the go at the moment they are hard to go past when deck building.


The player that played the Smugglers and Spies/Rebel combination hit the mark for this tournament but you still can’t write off Jedi builds just yet with a 3:4 success rate. Surprisingly, Rebels couldn’t quite cut it this time around.

Final Standings

  1. Tristin 19
  2. Dutch 18
  3. Tyson 16
  4. Marcus 15
  5. Faron 12 (49)
  6. Diego 12 (40)
  7. Rodney 9 (44)
  8. Nathan 9 (43)
  9. Immanuel 9 (42)

Tristin takes a store championship for the 3rd year running, proving what a quality player he is. Here’s his deck lists:

Light Side:

Smugglers and Spies Affiliation

Against all odds x 2

Asteroid sanctuary x 2

Behind enemy lines x 2

Commando operations x 2

Shield generator assault x 2

Commando Raid x 1

Dark Side:

Sith Affiliation

Counsel of the Sith x 1

The plans of the prophetess x 2

A dark time for the rebellion x 2

Imperial command x 2

Enforced loyalty x 2

The last grand admiral x 2

Well that’s it for this event. Keep you eyes locked on ATGN for our ongoing coverage of the 2016 LCG Store Championship season. Here are the remaining events still to come:

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