Something a little different for MTG Players. ‘Iron Man’ Tournament September 7th.

RippedCardsI hope you’ve been chowing down on your Nutri-Grain because it’s about to get serious (read: completely silly) over at Gauntlet Wynnum in a few weeks.  We aren’t sure if they are sadistic, insane, imbued with the will of chaos or just looking for a laugh.  The guys have decided to run an official ‘Iron Man’ Magic: The Gathering Tournament.

“What the heck is Iron Man?” some of you might ask.  Well, quite simply put, when a card would be put into a graveyard or exiled it is, instead, physically destroyed.  Ripped to pieces.  Brutal!  But before you cower in fear of losing your precious Standard Deck, Gauntlet has come up with a fun alternative.

2012-booster-battle-pack2012 Core Set Battle Boosters.  They contain two 20 card semi-random decks and two 2012 boosters.  Enough to build a functional (if simplistic) deck.  Matches consist of a single game and the entire tournament is Knockout format (You only get one chance).  The Winner takes the losers cards and incorporates them into their deck.

To keep things even more interesting on the day the guys are looking to host a number of achievements such as most expensive card destroyed, least cards destroyed in a match, most cards destroyed in a match, etc.

For those who have been knocked out, don’t think it’s home time just yet, there will be a number of activities and competitions on the side to keep you amused and most likely laughing.  All those ripped up cards have to go somewhere right?  Expect to see several activities including ripped up bits of card, glue and who knows what else.

So apart from sheer chaos, what is the point of all this?  Well for starters the winner of the day is going to walk away with a From the Vault: Twenty, nothing to sneeze at.  Booster prizes will be awarded for achievements and other competitions on the day.  With a base entry fee of only $10 it’s going to be an affordable day of fun and laughter for just about any Magic player.

JaceMemoryBTGN will be on site to capture all the mayhem in both still shot and video, no doubt a short video on Youtube highlighting the greatest and funniest moments of the day.  A small, sick part of me really hopes a foil Jace Memory Adept is torn to pieces, I never liked that card.

Full details on the event, including a more thorough explanation of the rules can be found on the Facebook Event here.


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