Set Review: The Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack


I remember, once upon a time, being very sceptical about the idea of a pack based on cards from a Yu-Gi-Oh movie. In case you have never seen a movie based on the popular children’s card game we all enjoy: they are utterly ridiculous.

The last movie had Yugi, Jaden, and Yusei (one of whom is possessed and one of whom is from the future) fighting 3-on-1 with a guy from even further in the future because he wanted them to stop playing card games.

How can cards written for a script like that ever be good?

Well, in truth, the pack from that movie was pretty darn good. It had a really small pool of cards which meant that you were pretty likely to get the one or two that were actually playable. And those one or two cards made the whole Malefic Stun deck possible. All in all, not bad for something that had to be translated from the silver screen to the playmat.

The new Yu-Gi-Oh Movie, The Dark Side of Dimensions, promises to be equally silly and equally full of Kaiba-and-Yugi flavoured nostalgia. The big difference this time around is in the quality of the cards. If the last pack had a small pool with one or two good cards, this time we are looking at something closer to fifteen good’uns.


Let’s kick it off with something fun – the new Magician Girls! Fans of Yu-Gi-Oh have forever seen Dark Magician Girl as the most obvious choice of “Waifu” and I am sure those people are equally excited that there are now five more to add to their collection.

The Magician Girls focus on the theme of summoning Spellcasters when your opponent attacks and then forcing them to attack that instead. Oh, and halving their attack just to salt the wound.

They could certainly work in a fun, casual deck, especially with some of the support for Magician stuff coming out in The Dark Illusion soon!

Best part? If you take all of their names, you get Berry, Lemon, Apple, Chocolate and Kiwi. Dark Magician Girl was originally Black Magician Girl in the OCG.13817144_10154011158919160_835925886_n

Dark Magic Veil

One second, let me check the Forbidden and Limited List…  Yup, Monster Reborn is still forbidden. Chances are, then, that any card with a similar effect is going to be pretty damn good. I’d grab a set of these if I were you. Dark Spellcaster isn’t exactly a rare type combination, even outside of the upcoming Dark Magician support.

Palladium Oracle Mahad

If you draw this Dark Magician wannabe, you can special summon him from your hand. From there, he puts in work by going up to 5000 when battling a Dark monster.

He also fetches you a Dark Magician when he dies, which is exactly what you want in a Dark Magician deck.

Gold and Silver Gadget

Writing articles is twice as easy when two monsters have identical effects! Gold and Silver Gadget both provide much love to the Gadget theme, famous for a near-endless wave of traffic light monsters.

The new editions pack powerful effects. When they are Normal or Special summoned they can summon a level 4 Machine from the hand, and when they are destroyed by battle or card effects you can summon a Gadget from the deck. Note you can only use one of these effects per turn, but since you have Gold AND Silver Gadgets with the same effect that opens up a few combos.

You could throw these into a deck with a few Red, Yellow and Green Gadget-bros, or you can just play them together in any deck that runs level 4 Machine-type monsters.


Protip: Google “ABC Deck Yu-Gi-Oh” and have a think about any upcoming level 4 Machine-types you might run 😉

Blue Eyes Ultimate, Chaos Max and Alternative

Remember in our Shining Victories review I mentioned that Blue-Eyes was missing some support cards? Not anymore, bucko!

The Movie Pack rounds out the arsenal of support for our favourite dragon, and depending on the next F&L List I would expect to see him on a top table near you soon.

The two standouts from the set? Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon is a big Ritual monster with a neat protection effect that does double piercing damage with a massive 4000 attack. The ritual spell you use to summon it also makes it pretty damn free in a Blue-Eyes deck that is going to be discarding Blue-Eyes most of the time anyway.

But the real superstar? The card everyone is talking about? Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon.

Same stats as Blue-Eyes, but you can Special Summon one of these bad boys per turn just by showing your opponent you have a Blue-Eyes White Dragon in hand. He can then pop a monster instead of attacking, which isn’t such a big deal when you are usually using him for an Xyz or Synchro summon anyway.

Plus, The Melody of Awakening Dragon allows you to add Blue-Eyes and Alternative to hand by discarding a card, which is not a problem in a pure Blue-Eyes deck. This gives you the Alt AND the BEWD you use to summon it. Then you can Trade-In the BEWD for some more free cards.


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Alt Art DMG, Dark Magician, Blue Eyes and Slifer.

So with all this nostalgia support, you have to wonder – are they leaving the classics behind?

No way.

The Movie Pack also comes with some sweet alternate art versions of Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl and Slifer the (gosh darn) Sky Dragon. Perfect to combine with all of your new hotness.




So with all this love for the heroes, what about the Villain?

Don’t worry, we have you covered. Cubics are one hell of an archetype, and there are a lot of them in this pack. I’m not going to say the archetype is perfect, but it sure as heck has a lot of cards that sound like they are 90% of the way there. I read the words “Halve your opponent’s Life Points” a lot, as well as “Both players take 3000 damage per turn” which sounds like dead to me.

Without going into the nitty-gritty of every card, your primary focus in the deck is Vijam, the level 1 monster. He is immune to battle, and if he fights a monster you can put him in the S/T zone to put a Cubic counter on that monster. Cubic counters stop your opponent’s monsters from attacking or using their effects. If he is in your S/T zone during your main phase you can special summon him back, presumably to negate more things. Neat.

Here is where things get tricky. In order to summon the level two Cubics, you have to send one Cubic monster you control to the graveyard (probably Vijam) and they gain 1000 attack. If they destroy a monster by battle, you can summon back TWO Vijams and add the level three to your hand.

The level three does everything the level two did, plus one. You have to send two Cubics, they gain 2000 and when they kill a monster they summon three Vijams and add the level four. See a pattern? Oh, it can also attack twice.

The level four does require you to send three Cubics, and he gains 3000 attack, but he doesn’t need to destroy a monster to use his effect. Instead, when HE is destroyed, you can special any three Cubic monsters from your grave and add any Cubic card (even spell or trap) from your deck to your hand. He can also attack three times, which is 9000 damage by my maths.

There is also Crimson Nova, who I am affectionately referring to as “Big Guy.” He is summoned by revealing three Cubic cards with different names in your hand, and is reasonably immune to most monster effects. If he kills a monster he can attack twice (for 3000) and he also burns both players for 3000 during the End Phase of your turn.

Nothing like getting your opponent into their last third of life and then just putting 3000 burn damage on the table.

There is an even bigger Fusion monster, but his requirements are so, so crazy that I doubt he will ever hit the table.

Spells and Traps you ask? Cubics have plenty!

13844149_10154011159009160_1886936619_oCubic Karma sends Vijams to the grave (where you want them) to boost a monster’s attack and can be banished from the grave to add a Cubic monster to hand. It also has another effect if you summon Vijam using a Cubic Monster during your opponent’s turn, but I honestly don’t think there is a way to make that happen outside of your opponent being very silly and attacking something stronger than them.

Cubic Wave doubles one of your attacks and halves theirs, which is neat when you have to destroy something by battle to gain advantage, or when you are trying to murder someone. It can also banish itself and Cubics from the grave to spread those lovely Cubic counters around.

Probably the only trap worth mentioning is Cubic Mandala. So you are playing your archetype of Giant Monsters that can attack multiple times, but what if your opponent has big dudes too? Don’t worry, just drop a Dark Hole, flip Cubic Mandala, and summon them all back.

I mean they have zero attack, and you are probably going to put them in Attack position, but I’m sure that won’t be a problem for your opponent… right?

Bonus: They have Cubic counters AND while they are alive your opponent has all of their monster effects negated. You could – in theory – lock down all of their zones until you are good and ready to kill them.

So, plenty of disastrous villainy and heroic nostalgia to be had with the Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack. Not to mention that all of the cards come in gorgeous Ultra Rarity.

Whether you are a serious meta-junkie or a fun-loving casual player, you won’t want to miss out on any of this.

Yu-Gi-Oh: The Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Packs are available right now. As always, if you are looking for people to test out your new Cubic deck, you can find your nearest tournament here.


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