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If you haven’t heard, Fantasy Flight Games recently gave all of us Destiny lovers exactly what we’ve been hanging out for: previews of the second set, Spirit of the Rebellion. Having just watched Rogue One, I’m thrilled (though not surprised) that they decided to include at least some of the characters from the movie in the set. On top of that, the article contains the spoiler for the biggest bad guy in the Star Wars universe; the Emperor himself. Today, I’m going to be looking at the big beast himself as well as one other card that has me very excited, before wrapping it up by doing a little in depth look at what else we can determine from the information we have.


So much for the Rule of Two; Palpatine is a lone wolf!


The first card I’d like to look at is the big boy of the set, and I imagine the entire game of Destiny: Palpatine. Coming in at a whopping 21/28 point cost, I suspect Palpatine will forever be the most expensive character in the game. So expensive is he, in fact, that you’ll be guaranteeing only starting with two dice if you play him, and I’d be surprised if you didn’t simply play the second Palpatine dice instead of something like a First Order Stormtrooper or Tusken Raider.

Elite Emperor Palpatine guarantees you 4 damage minimum a turn. Sure, it’s split however your opponent wishes it to be, but that’s going to add up really quickly. Some of the best teams in the game only have around 23 health; they’re more than 33% dead after just two rounds in combat with this beast of a character. What exactly can stop this mighty Sith Lord?

Well, dice removal is just unfair against Palps. You not only remove his powerful dice, but you completely circumvent his ability. Given that he’s already starved for dice, cards like Isolation and Electroshock just ruin his day. It seems almost ironic that cards about being alone and shocked would be the mighty Emperor’s undoing.


Zero cost control is always worth a look.

Speaking of dice removal, check out Rebel Assault, an absolutely amazing event for heroic red characters.¬†Whilst it is a little more restricted than other control cards, Rebel Assault’s most alluring factor is the fact that it’s free. The restriction of not being able to remove damage dice can be a bit frustrating, but there are plenty of times that removing a discard, resource, or special die can be devastating, or at least more than worth the investment of zero resources and a card.

In fact, zero cost control cards like Rebel Assault and He Doesn’t Like You are often far more powerful than you’d expect for another reason; they can’t be flagged. When you’re holding resources up, players are more likely to be cautious and not play into your tricks in hand. When they see your supplies are barren, however, you’re more likely to see them commit, and that’s when you can strike. Overall, a simple card that I believe will be an auto-include in many decks.

This now brings me to my final part of the article; what exactly do we know about the set? Well, the set is 160 cards, not that much smaller than Awakenings (which was 174). From the looks of the card numbers of the spoiled characters, we’ll be receiving the same number of characters and upgrades per colour and faction. This is based purely on the fact that Palpatine and Jyn roughly match up to where they would have appeared in the first set. Number 11 in the Awakenings was Kylo Ren; number 44 was Rey’s staff. Perhaps we’ll be seeing fewer neutral upgrades?

Next up, a poster I just saw for the set in another language featured three dice. One was R2-D2, the next Obi-Wan Kenobi (from Episode IV) and finally…Maz Kanata? I know my mother will be absolutely in love with the fact that her favourite character from the new movie gets a character immediately, but I am very surprised; after all, she’s relatively minor (she’s not onscreen very long). This may confirm a theory I have that they’re trying to introduce one unique character from each era in each colour (One character from I-III, IV-VI and VII each set. Where Rogue One falls into this I’m uncertain). After all, they did this in Awakenings for every colour of each faction…except Red Heroes (they have two from IV-VI and none from I-III).

In addition, one of the red villain characters (Number 2) begins with something between Dea- and Dir-. This is given away by the fact that Awakenings characters were alphabetical, and number 1 (Death Trooper) and number 3 (Director Krennic) have already been spoiled.

swd04_director-krennicAll in all, Destiny continues to be one of the most exciting games that I’ve ever played, and I just can’t wait to get my hands on these new cards once the set is eventually released in the second quarter. My fervent hope is that the set is released in early April, allowing it to be legal for the first Destiny World Championships in May. Thanks for reading, and until next time, MTFBWY!

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