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About 6 months ago I put up a post here on ATGN about how I was fed up with crowd-funding because of problems that I’d experienced from various projects I had backed. Well, I must be a glutton for punishment, because I am still backing more projects.

In the last month, I’ve backed two more projects on Kickstarter. One is a card-based boardgame called Entropy: Worlds Collide by Rule & Make. It is a re-imagining of one of their prior games, Entropy. They have had multiple successful projects, so I trust this will go through successfully as well. Plus it was quite cheap, at $25 including shipping.

But the second project is what this article is all about.

Q-Workshop have partnered up with Chaosium to produce a set of metal dice for Call of Cthulhu. They have done this through Kickstarter (the only crowd-funding site I use). This is Q-Workshop’s second Kickstarter, having previously run a successful Pathfinder metal dice set. If you haven’t heard of Q-Workshop before, they are a manufacturer of dice. They are one of the few dice companies that will do custom dice, since they have their own production factory.


This is a full set of dice that some might call an Adventure set or a Polyhedral set. It has the standard assortment of 1xD4, 1xD6, 1xD8, 1xD10, 1xD10 percentile, 1xD12 and 1xD20. Everything you could want for most games. The dice are made from tin and painted black. They are adorned with plenty of tentacles along the sides and hungry mouths full of teeth on the corners. Q-Workshop also give a lifetime guarantee on their metal dice; they are meant to be nigh indestructible.


One of the reasons I trust this project is that I already have a few sets of various Q-Workshop dice, so I know they make a high quality product. The second reason is that, like I said just before, Q-Workshop have their own factory. A lot of other dice companies will use Chinese production factories. This can have various problems, as I’ve seen with the second set of dice I am waiting for from Poly Hero Dice. And another reason is that Chaosium don’t have a hand in the production or distribution.


I have only recently backed this project, because at first I thought the price too high. But because of stretch goals, the price is now more reasonable. The first tier is $59 (all US dollars) for just the metal dice alone. Tier 2 is $69 for the metal dice plus any stretch goals. Tier 3 is $129 for two sets of metal dice and all stretch goals. The $69 works out to about $90 AU. Shipping is not included, but calculated later, depending on weight. The estimate is another $20. So I am looking at about $115 AU or so for the dice. If it was that much for just the metal dice, I wouldn’t get it, too expensive. But the stretch goals have made it more cost effective.

I held off on backing to see if or how many stretch goals were met. So far, two additional sets of dice, Nyarlathotep and Azathoth, have been unlocked. Hastur is the next in the line, and Cthulhu the last one. A dice bag has also been included. That means I will be getting, so far, one metal set, two plastic sets and a dice bag for my money, which I find more reasonable. I am fairly confident that the project will reach the next stretch goal, so that will be another set again.


Even if a company does face problems with their project, transparency will keep people happy. I wasn’t happy with Chaosium because they didn’t explain much. Communication could have been better. On the other hand, Poly Hero Dice were very open about a recent problem they faced that would delay the Wizard dice I am expecting. They laid everything out to their backers. This is what I expect, and I have no issue now that I probably won’t see the dice till August instead of May/June.


q-workshopThe Kickstarter for the Call of Cthulhu metal dice is nearing the end, with 11 days left at the time of writing. If you are interested, you can go check it out in the following link.

Kickstarter – Call of Cthulhu Metal Dice


Or if you wish to have a look at some of the amazing dice that Q-Workshop produce, go to this link below.


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