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Pendulum Summoning has been making a huge impact on the Yu-Gi-Oh meta-game since the mechanic was released in the Time-Space Showdown start and Duellist Alliance set. Although the mechanic was slow to start, the pure advantage generated by monsters that recur so easily meant that plenty of powerful decks have been built to abuse Pendulum summons.

Qliphort decks used the Pendulum mechanic to provide free tributes for their larger monsters, which also triggered powerful effects like attacking twice, summoning two more monsters from the deck or even summoning the incredibly oppressive Apoqliphort Towers.

Igknight decks used the “free” nature of Pendulum monsters to fill their extra deck with self destruction effects and the ability to summon plenty of monsters every turn. Igknights were also the first full Pendulum archetype to not have a restriction on what could be Pendulum summoned, allowing players to add all sorts of crazy monsters to their deck.

Now, the Master of Pendulum structure deck is taking things to the next level by making Pendulum monsters with BIG scales, no restrictions and decent effects. And the best part? They’re all searchable.


First, let’s have a look at the two “Vanilla” Pendulum monsters, Dragonpit and Dragonpulse Magician. Neither of these cards have monster effects, which means that the level 7 Dragonpit Magician can be searched with Summoner’s Art. They also pack an impressive scale range of 1-8, which is the largest range with no restrictions to date.

While they may not have monster effects, they both pack powerful effects in the Pendulum zone. While you have a Magician in your other zone, you can discard a Pendulum monster to destroy a Spell or Trap with Dragonpit or a face-up monster with Dragonpulse. These abilities give easy ways to out monster floodgates like Kristya or Majesty’s Fiend or cards like Vanity’s Emptiness or Mistake.


The next pair of Magicians is Nobledragon and Oafdragon Magician. Oafdragon is actually the ideal low scale when paired with Dragonpit, with the effect to add a Magician or Odd-Eyes monster from your Extra deck to your hand while you have another Magician in your Pendulum zone. He also adds a Pendulum Monster from your grave back to your hand when he is normal or special summoned. Nobledragon is much less useful as a scale, but is the perfect card to discard for Dragonpit, Dragonpulse or Pendulum Call, as her effect to special summon herself can be used in the hand or graveyard.


Rounding out the Magician cards is Wisdom-Eye Magician. If you control a Magician in your other Pendulum zone, you can destroy him to place any Magician Pendulum monster from your deck into you Pendulum zone, which effectively turns him into any Magician you like while also adding an extra card to your Extra deck to be Pendulum summoned later.


Performapal Skullcrobat Joker is another card you generally don’t want to use as a scale, but he has a fantastic monster effect to make up for it. When normal summoned, he will add a Magician, Odd-Eyes or Performapal monster from your deck to your hand, which covers almost every card in the structure deck and plenty more besides. Joker is probably the best single card in the structure deck, and will definitely be included in plenty of upcoming tournament-winning builds!


Next up are the new spells included in this deck. Sky Iris protects the Magician and Performapal cards in your Pendulum zones from being targeted by your opponent’s effects, which means no annoying MST to ruin your day. It can also destroy a face-up card you control to add an Odd-Eyes card from your deck to your hand. Considering that Pendulum monsters don’t really mind being destroyed, Sky Iris is a great way to add Odd-Eyes Pendulum dragon to your hand for effectively no cost.

Pendulum Call is probably the main reason that Magician builds are so consistent. One of the biggest drawbacks of Pendulum summoning is that you have to draw the monsters to build your scales in particular combinations, and even then they are vulnerable to your opponent’s disruption. Pendulum Call fixes both of these problems, by letting you discard a card to add two Magician monsters with different names from your deck to your hand. Also, Magician monsters in your Pendulum zone cannot be destroyed until the end of your opponent’s next turn.

Discarding a card like Nobledragon, who works in the grave, or discarding a card that can be added back with Oafdragon later is a great way to reduce the cost of Pendulum Call, and becomes even easier if you add other cards that benefit from being in the grave to your deck, like Performage Damage Juggler or Zephyros the Elite.

The only drawback to Pendulum Call is not being able to use the effect of a Magician monster before you activate it. Additionally, not being able to destroy Magicians means that you will be unable to use the effect of Wisdom-Eye Magician in the same turn.


So, your extra deck is full of Magicians, you have added your Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon with Sky Iris, now what? One of the best parts about Pendulum summoning is the ability to combine other types of summon like Synchro, Fusion and Xyz into your deck. The Ultra Rare cover cards for the Master of Pendulum Structure Deck are Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon and Odd-Eyes Meteorburst Dragon.

Absolute Dragon requires any two level 7 monsters and can detach a material to negate an attack from either player’s monster, then you can target an Odd-Eyes monster in your graveyard and special summon it, even if it was the card you detached! This allows you to swarm with big monsters by making an Absolute with Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, negating the Absolute attack and summoning back the OEPD. Plus, when Absolute dies, he can special summon any Odd-Eyes monster from your Extra deck (and there are quite a few choices).

Odd-Eyes Meteorburst Dragon is a level 7 Synchro monster who can be easily made with Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon + a Nobledragon Magician in either hand or grave. He can summon a monster from your Pendulum zone when he is special summoned (like Dragonpit to make Absolute Dragon) and also stops your opponent from activating monster effects during the battle phase. This means you can run over smaller Kozmo ships without them summoning a new monster and also attack through monsters like Performage Plushfire and Yang Zing monsters with ease.


In addition to all these great new cards, the Master of Pendulum Structure Deck also includes reprints of popular or expensive cards like Chaos Hunter, Sacred Sword of Seven Stars, Summoner’s Art and Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare. Even if you aren’t interested in the Pendulum monsters, it’s a great way to get these cards for your other decks.

The Master of Pendulum Structure Deck adds a whole new archetype of Pendulum monsters, as well as support for existing Pendulum-based decks. Whether in a deck of their own or combined with other cards, I can safely say we will definitely be seeing cards from this structure deck winning a Regional, National or YCS tournament soon!

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