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There is nothing I love more than cool new cards. Duelist Saga is jam-packed with tools for a variety of decks, along with some standalone cards that are pretty insane.

I was lucky enough to tear open some packs for a very aesthetic unboxing (It’s at the bottom) and I also wanted to share with you some of the highlights of the set.

Everyone is hype for the M-X-Saber Invoker reprint, and rightly so. But, a lot of people seem to be sleeping on the effectiveness of some of the cards in Duelist Saga, so read on to discover the top picks of the future, today!


Legacy of the Duelist

This continuous spell is a love-letter to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime, with four effects designed to mimic great duels of the past. It’s also a Swiss Army Knife that can probably slot into a lot of decks at one or two copies.

The first effect allows you to negate your own attacks to target a spell/trap your opponent controls and destroy it. This effect is not once per turn, meaning if you have five monsters, even super weak ones, you can theorectically whip an entire board of spells and traps. It also adds utility to some decks that have a mix of monster strengths. An example would be turning an Archfiend Eccentrick into a spell/trap destruction instead of a meagre 800 damage.

The second effect limits both players to setting one spell/trap card from their hand per turn. This can be played out like a floodgate, setting your 4 cards and then activating this last, or you can just play it in a deck that doesn’t mind too much. It also only limits the hand, so you can, for example, activate a bunch of Metalfoe effects or Absolute King Back Jack to set cards and bypass this restriction.

The third effect stops monsters attacking the turn they are summoned from the Extra Deck, which is perfect if you are going first in a duel and can set up a big board. You totally freeze your opponent and then crack back with most of your board intact on their turn.

The last effect allows you to add a monster in your graveyard to your hand instead of drawing. This is a powerful way to re-use limited monsters like Performapal Skullcrobat Joker or Rescue Cat, or you can use it to recycle hand traps like Maxx C. Nothing is more fun for your opponent than you having Maxx C every turn.

SilentAngler-DUSA-EN-UR-1ESilent Angler

Silent Angler has the kind of simple design I can appreciate. I actually really wanted this card to be imported back in 2015 for a fun deck involving Gishki Monsters and Ragnazero, but unfortunately it wasn’t to be.

These days, Silent Angler will find a home in Mermail decks. The standard double Bahamut Shark & double Toadally Awesome combo requires Abyssteus, a water monster and a level 4 water monster that can be special summoned. Silent Angler adds another 3 copies of that third combo piece.

Celestial Double Star Shaman

You know those Dark Synchro and Quasar decks that pull off crazy-long combos? The ones that can deck you out if you Maxx C too early? They just got a new cool guy that does insane stuff.

Double Star Shaman is as easy to make as Formula Synchron, a card that these decks notoriously abuse. Better than drawing a card, he summons up to four level 2 or lower non-tuners from the hand or graveyard, which is nuts.

In exchange for this basically-Soul-Charge effect, you can only Synchro Summon for the turn, and the effects of the monsters you summon are negated. This isn’t important, since you only want to spam Omega/Trishula/Quasar anyway. It also won’t stop the graveyard effects of say, Doppelwarrior.


I low-key love Hunder/Batterymen decks, and so I was really hoping that this card would give the deck a revival. Sadly, the days of summon Batteryman 9-Volt for intense value are gone. But, if you are still fighting the good fight with my zappy boys, Brohunder adding basically your entire deck including Denko Sekka is a good deal.

Vision HERO Vyon

Remember Elemental HERO Blazeman? They decided to just make a better version of that card. When you summon it, you dump Shadow Mist to search a HERO. You can also banish a HERO to search for Polymerisation. So it already does both of Blazeman’s effects.

Also, it’s just a straight-up target for Mask Change -> Dark Law. Beautiful.

Diamond Dust

When I read this card the first time, I thought it was another terrible burn card like Thunder Crash. Then someone pointed out that it destroys water monsters on both sides of the field. Wow, it sure would be a shame if all of your Paleozoics got destroyed/banished…

And now time for my favourite part, the bonus round. This time, we are looking at all of the cards in this set that have received an Errata, and whether it makes them better/worse/unplayable. Ready? Go!

Imperial Order – Busted floodgate, I look forward to the salt stories.

Brain Control – Can’t take Extra Deck monsters or Dark Armed Dragon, still seems very decent

Necrovalley – Your least favourite stun card just got stun-ier. No grave for you!

Future Fusion – You will resolve this card 1% of the time in Infernoid. You play it anyway.

Rescue Cat – It still make Naturia Beast, and I am sure there is some sort of busted combo. Bonus points for being Link Summon-friendly.

Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier – Still great, especially in Mermail decks. Would you ever have ditched 5 cards in a post-Effect Veiler, post-Solemn Strike world?

Goyo Guardian – Generic Synchro decks didn’t play him before, and they certainly won’t play him now. I’ll take Naturia Barkion every time, thanks.

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Duelist Saga has some great cards for new duelists looking to build their collections, mid-level players who need to grab the new errata’d cards and high-level dudes looking for the next big tech card. If you are looking to get your hands on some Duelist Saga packs, or need somewhere to test out your new deck, you can always find your local store at

And now the bit you have been waiting for, the unboxing feat. the most attractive hands in the business.

A huge thank you to Banter Toys for supplying the product for this review. Check out their website here.

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