More Product for Pathfinder – Adventure Card Game and Organised Play!


I’m a big fan of Paizo’s Pathfinder Adventure Card Game.  I sit down with a regular bunch of friends every few weeks for a game and we’ve been making good progress through the main campaign.  For my initial thoughts on the game take a look at my ATGN review back in September 2013 here.

Aside from the regular adventure packs that are released every month Paizo are now looking to release a new accessory for the game – ‘Class Decks’.  To quote the official source “The initial offerings will include seven 109-card decks that each contain all the cards one character needs to play an entire PACG Adventure Path from start to finish. Each deck contains four playable characters of the same character class, and each character will have two unique roles to choose from.”

That’s pretty exciting stuff but it’s even more exciting when you hear that Organised Play for this game is now on the proverbial table.  At this stage it appears to only be in early testing with details still being worked out.  The skinny though is that scenarios will be made available via PDF and initially offered to major conventions and retailers participating in the Organised Play Program.  ‘Season 0’ will be the first test run at this and focus on the Skull & Shackles Pathfinder adventure series.  Play will be very similar to the existing format except that participants will now be using their afore mentioned Class Decks.

Retailers are unable to sign-up for the program ‘just yet’ but I’d urge you to visit your Local Gaming Store and inform them if you are interested in taking your Pathfinder ACG to the next level.  There should be more official news from Paizo regarding all this ACG goodness in August.  Until then though here is a sneak preview image of ‘Olenjack’ and new character from the Rogue Class Deck.


~ Toby

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