Pro Player Spotlight: Luis Scott-Vargas

We recorded this interview at the end of round 15.

Luis Scott-Vargas

Luis Scott-Vargas

Luis Scott-Vargas, commonly known as LSV is a Pro Tour Hall of Famer. He has eight Pro Tour top 8’s with one win, as well as fifteen Grand Prix top 8’s with five wins. He is also a co-host of Limited Resources and writes for Channel Fireball.

We’ll start by saying congratulations on your third straight Pro Tour top 8 in a row.
LSV: Thanks. I’m 12-2-1, so I think I’m locked.

How are you enjoying your time in Australia so far?
LSV: I really love Australia; I came here for three Grands Prix in the past so this is my fourth trip here. For a few years I would always make the trip down here to attend the Australian Grand Prix because I loved visiting.

Who did you test with for this Pro Tour?
LSV: I tested with Channel Fireball and Ultra Pro like usual.

How did your testing go?
LSV: Testing was all right. We didn’t like the Emrakul decks too much, but they are clearly doing very well so maybe we just missed something in our builds. I do think that Bant Company is somehow underrated; there is only 20% of the field when we were expecting up to at least 30%. I seem to be doing pretty well with it so I don’t know.

How much testing did you personally get done?
LSV: I didn’t arrive in Australia until Monday but I did get to test locally with Josh Utter-Leyton and Matt Nass.

You mentioned that Bant Company was underrated, can you elaborate on that?
We thought that most people would assume Bant was great but all the teams we talked to don’t seem to like it. I think the deck is good; some of the Emrakul, the Promised End decks might beat it but it’s till very good.

Was there anything that surprised you at this Pro Tour?
LSV: Emrakul, I’ve played against a lot of them. I’ve versed them in seven of the eight rounds I’ve played so far which is more than we expected.

How was your limited record?
LSV: I went 5-1. I wasn’t happy with either of my decks but they performed all right.

Did you get many practice drafts in?
LSV: Yeah, I did about thirty drafts on Magic Online. I didn’t get to do any live drafts. The first live Eldritch Moon pack I opened was on day one of the Pro Tour.

Did you guys expect the emerge deck?
We tested a bunch of different emerge decks and didn’t like them, but there are some builds here that look pretty good. We didn’t have the Temur emerge deck on our radar at all and it seems to be doing pretty well.

Your team also played a blue black zombie deck, is that correct?
LSV: Half our team ended up playing it. I didn’t like the deck because I didn’t think there would be enough Bant, which is what the deck was designed to beat. It ended up doing worse then we would have hoped.

Luis ended up making it all the way to the Semi Finals before losing.

Luis Scott-Vargas

Luis Scott-Vargas in the Feature Match area

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