Pro Player Spotlight: Jon Finkel

This interview was recorded at the end of round three.

Jon Finkel

Jon Finkel

Jon Finkel is widely regarded as the greatest player of all time. He was inducted into the Pro Tour Hall of Fame in the first year of its existence in 2005. He has sixteen Pro Tour top 8’s with three victories. He also has nine Grand Prix top 8’s with three victories.

How are you enjoying Australia so far?
Jon: I like Australia. It’s one of my favourite countries to visit. That may be because it feels a bit like the United States. I love places with old ruins which you guys don’t have, BUT it’s nice to be in a place where you can just hang out and eat. It feels a lot like California to me.

Who did you test with?
Jon: I tested with Team Pantheon like usual. There are too many amazing players to name but you should look them up.

How did the testing go?
Jon: It went pretty well. I feel pretty good about our limited and constructed. Probably better than average. But like always we had a few doubts about things in the past week. Well, except for limited, which felt good all the time. So overall I feel pretty happy with our testing, but I guess we will find out soon just how good it actually was.

Are you happy with your constructed deck?
Jon: Yeah, I think so. I don’t wanna give too much away though.

How are you going in regards to the Pro Players Club?
Jon: I made platinum this year thanks to making top 8 at PT Madrid and PT Milwaukee. I’m also in contention to make the World Championships. If I go 11-5 then I think I am in, but we will see what happens. I also have a shot at winning the draft master. I am currently first, but there are a few people close behind me. I’ve heard the tiebreaker is Pro Tour top 8’s so I should have that covered.

Jon finished the Pro Tour 9-7 and unfortunately did not win the Draft Master, which means he did not make the World Championships this year.

Jon Finkel

Jon Finkel

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