Pro Player Spotlight: Brad Nelson

This interview was recorded at the end of Round 9.

Brad Nelson

Brad Nelson

Brad Nelson is a former Player of the Year (2010). He has three Pro Tour top 8’s, and twelve Grand Prix top 8’s with one victory. He has also had success on the StarCity Games Tour. Brad is also well known for being a meta game expert and a masterful deck builder.

How are you enjoying Australia so far?
Brad: It’s been great, I haven’t been able to experience a tonne, but the cool thing we did was hire a travel lodge. It has a huge backyard and a few cabins. It’s a beautiful area and we got to play with some birds. The timezone change was a bit of a jolt, and I wish I could stay and vacation a bit more, but I miss my family and friends. Australia is a place that I have always wanted to visit, so I’ll definitely be back for a proper vacation eventually.

Who did you test with?
Brad: Team Eureka. Hopefully it’s a permanent thing now. I’ve really liked them. They test a lot of ideas and they are really structured.

Did you focus on constructed?
Brad: Yeah, sorta. Truth be told I’ve not been pulling my weight. We have so many great deck builders. This time I made a last minute audible to one of their decks. I was working on something else and they told me they figured a deck out. I played a few games with it and went all in. I’m technically the meta game guy. I try to help with meta gaming and I set up and organise the constructed testing. It worked out this time. I got the brewers together and they landed on our deck.

Did anything surprise you at this Pro Tour?
Brad: Maybe the zombie deck. We tested it and we didn’t find it to be that good. We expected green white tokens to show up a lot more. It was very resilient in our testing. Besides that we had similar versions of the rest of the decks that showed up.

How are you in regards to the Pro Player’s Club?
Brad: I’ve locked platinum, unless I somehow get disqualified. I’m chasing a spot at the World’s Championship, and I’m off to a really good start. I’m 7-2 at the moment and I think I’ll need to finish 11-5 to lock up a spot. But anything can happen, so I’m just gonna take one match at a time and see what happens at the end of the day.

Brad ended up finishing 11-5 and he did indeed lock a spot in the World Championships.

Brad Nelson in the Feature Match area

Brad Nelson

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