Pokemon Trading Card Game Online releases World-Wide on Ipad!

Pokemon Trading Card Game Online has made its move to the Ipad in a very surprising move with little warning from the Pokemon company! With this move, the online game often referred to as PTCGO will be able to reach an incredibly wider market of casual gamers. These gamers that own an Ipad/Mobile Device do not often have the ability to devote hours & hours to sitting at the computer to play their card game. In a move akin to Hearthstone at the start of the year, the client is incredibly similar (and in some reports even better) than its desktop counterpart. My personal belief is that this game is incredibly beneficial to the continued growth of the Pokemon Trading Card Game in places all around the world.



If you are Australian and wish to pick up the game now, check your Itunes store as soon as possible to maximize your time playing this game! In some other news, the Pokemon season has officially begun in Australia with tournaments already taking place in
Melbourne last week and continued all over the country. I will be attending a League Challenge (Entry level Tournament) in Brisbane at Fastbreak Sports, Nundah this Saturday and I hope to have a small report for you then!

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