Pokemon Tournament (18/5/13) @ Gametraders Chermside

Greetings everyone, I’m Bodhi your resident Poke-expert and I’m here to catch you up on the weekends two big Pokemon events! I will also be getting you up to speed with what the Brisbane meta-game looks like as we shift toward the National Championships in Melbourne in four weeks time.

Before we get to that though we have Saturday’s report which featured a tournament at Game Traders Chermside and was attended by a total of 13 players in both the Senior and Master division. After just 3 short rounds of Swiss Pair due to time constraints, Anthony Smith emerged victorious and I was able to speak with him on the way home about his event!

The Deck: 

Anthony played a Blastoise/Black Kyurem/Keldeo deck with a couple of interesting techs that focused on specific match-ups in order to overcome all matches he was likely to face.  Adding Cresselia Ex to the deck made sure that his match up versus the new flavour of the month deck ”Plasma Basics” would be as smooth as possible knowing that Deoxys Ex could not return the KO after he himself knocked out a Deoxys Ex.  Another key card in the deck is Exeggcute which is used in conjunction with all the many discarding cards that are featured in the deck to ease the pain of depleting your resources so early on in the game!  Having said that, Anthony cruised to a 3-0 sweep of the day and earned himself a much needed confidence boost with a previously untested version of his deck moving into the Battle roads the day after!

Overall it was a really fun event, with lots of competitive games and I’m happy that we had a total of four new young players who had yet to play a game of the Pokemon TCG join in the action as well.  As the game grows more and more each day, the competition in the scene becomes much more apparent and Queensland is able to put forward some of the best players in Australia!  Special thanks to Gametraders Chermside for the tournament.

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