Pokemon News! Gametraders Tournament 1/6/13

Another week, another chance for a tournament hosted by the people at Gametraders Chermside!  This week, there was a rather large turnout of close to 15 people and we were definitely in for a fun round of games.  We were given the okay by the judges and we were told that we’d have a total of 3 rounds to play each totaling 30 minutes with 5 minute breaks in between to have some food and drink before the next round started.

On the day, I was lucky enough once again to come away with a win and am able to give you some thoughts on the day and the deck I was playing as this will be one of the few chances before nationals I will have to test and prepare.  Instead of the usual question and answer I decided to give you a small little tournament report and hopefully this will give you some insight into the deeper ideas behind the decision making that goes into playing Plasma decks in this format!

Round 1

I was paired against my friend Gemma who had come back into Pokemon after 3/4 weeks off from the game and I was excited to play against her deck.  Gemma was playing Landorus/Mewtwo/Thundurus/Lugia (Big Basics, 2.0) and the games started out with me going first and spreading some early damage with plasma Kyurem and Thundurus making sure to hit for weakness wherever I could.  Game one was quite short, with me taking four prizes in a matter of moments knocking out two Landorus on two consecutive turns with Plasma Kyurem and took the game shortly after. Game two was much the same, with me knocking out Ex’s for weakness wherever I could and playing around her laser’s with max potion and switch. I was able to get three Blizzard burns off in a row which secured me all of my prizes and I moved on to 1-0 feeling good about my chances.

Round 2

I was paired against Lochlan, who I have a habit of facing in every tournament I play in of late and he was playing Keldeo/Blastoise/Black Kyurem.
Game one unfortunately is me donking his Squirtle with Thundurus ex, not much else to say im afraid.  Game two starts out quite slowly, with us both missing early damage and him missing crucial supporters in his opening hands to get the game underway.  I am able to get off a t3 Blizzard burn with Kyurem after taking a prize on a Squirtle and from there he is slowly running low on resources as my field increases in size.  I move some energy to deoxys when I can and am able to take a revenge K-O on Black Kyurem ex to make the Prize count 4-1 in my favor.  Not long after, I draw into my final Skyla and I move on to round three at 2-0 feeling like I am definitely in the running for some packs!

Round 3

Is against my team-mate and friend JZ who is playing what is essentialy a carbon copy of my deck with a slightly bigger focus on Thundurus and Lugia instead of my very heavy focused Kyurem count.  We didn’t get to play a full match as time is running short, but the games go as follows: Game one we start on our prize exchange with him trying to set up Lugia ex on the bench while I instead focus on spreading weakness damage on Lugia and Tornadus PLF with Thundurus ex and Lazers.  With this in mind, he sends out his damaged Lugia to take three prizes on my Thundurus ex but once I return the KO with a plasma Kyurem his resources have run low and he cannot continue to attach energy every single turn.  I take another two prizes the following turn with catcher and laser on his Deoxys ex with my own Deoxys and that is the end of the game as his energy is all but depleted and I take the game 6-3 in prizes.  Game two is only about 10 minutes long before time is called, we both have taken a prize each but as time draws closer to an end I am able to catcher and KO his benched Tornadus ex and go up in prizes when time is called.  He cant quite find the damage to Knock me out in the last turns of the match and I take another close series 2-0!

So I ended the day 3-0, coming first out of 14 and receiving 5 packs of cards in which I got absolutely nothing good! (Just my luck) Thankyou all for reading, there will be lots more Poke-News in the next few weeks as nationals is fast approaching and I will be attending all tournaments between now and then to prepare myself for the event!

Bodhi, out!

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