Pokémon Battle Roads Tournament (19/5/13) @ Good Games Brisbane

This event was the last sanctioned Brisbane based Pokemon event for the regular Pokemon season as we head into Nationals on the high of a new set and plenty of great experiences for the last 12 months.  With a total of 20 players for this event we would certainly have quite a few standout performers on the day, and it turned out to be a very strong showing from every player involved.  The day involved 4 rounds with no top cut meaning to secure your place in the top 4 you would need to finish a strong 3-1 or 4-0 in order to qualify.  The top 5 standings for the day are listed below:

  • 1st- Bodhi Cutler- Thundurus/Deoxys/Kyurem/Lugia
  • 2nd- Shaun Murphy- Garbodor/Landorus/Terrakion/Mewtwo/Boufallant
  • 3rd- Dylan Irwin-Garbodor/Cobalion/Landorus/Mewtwo
  • 4th- Marcus Peck- Darkrai/Absol
  • 5th- Anthony Smith-Black Kyurem/Keldeo/Cresselia/Blastoise.

I was lucky enough to come away with a win at the event this afternoon (19th) and am happy to report my matches to you and give you some insight into my deck and why I personally feel very happy with my play on the day!

Q1: How did I place and who were my opponents in each 4 rounds?

My opponents for the 4 rounds of Swiss were as follows: Round 1 Lachlan with Keldeo/Black Kyurem/Kyurem/Blastoise, Round 2 James with Weavile/Exeggcute, Round 3 Dylan with Garbodor and Round 4 Shaun with Garbodor that can be seen above in the rankings table. I placed first place in a total of 16 Masters and was very happy with my result as I was using a new deck that had only recently been released.

Q2: What deck was I playing and what was the idea behind my deck?

As mentioned above I was using a Thundurus/Deoxys/Kyurem/Lugia deck that was theorised and tested by our testing team in the week leading up to this event. The main focus of the deck is to spread early damage with Plasma Kyurem and to clean up 2/3 prize turns with Lugia and Kyurem in the mid game to completely shut your opponent’s attackers out of the game.  With this in mind my list was very aggressive and proved to help me out in the key match-ups I had on the day.

Q3: Did I enjoy the tournament overall?

Of course! As always Good Games in Brisbane proves it self to be a great place to go and play games.  In terms of the Tournament, aside from one or two small hiccups in the 3rd round of play everything was run very smoothly by our resident Judge Rob Spence and would certainly love to have another tournament ASAP!

Q4: What my list for the event?

As far as lists go, I have decided instead to post a picture of my deck that I took sometime around 2am as a means of remembering my list in case I made any changes on the morning of the event.  I don’t believe I would change more than 1 card in the deck after seeing how well it did overall and am very excited to head strongly into nationals with a list like this. Check it out below:
Well, that wraps up this week’s edition of Poke-news, stay connected to the site as each week we plan to have more and more events coming up and exciting things planned for the Brisbane Pokémon community. Thanks to all involved for making the weekend a memorable one and I hope to see you all on the road to the National Championships in 3 and a half weeks’ time!

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