Pokemon Australia Nationals 2013! Top 16 Deck Reports: Yuan Yi & Ashley Kendall !

Greetings everyone! Bodhi here from BTGN and we’re about to get this series of articles underway that I hope in all honesty will begin to grow the Australian Pokemon community to the N’th degree (and yes, that was a Pun thank you for noticing).  I hope that you enjoy the content I worked all weekend for  as this opportunity to grow the game is not as frequent as we may think. Please let me know how I did for a first time around, as tomorrow I will be posting a few more articles more centered towards personal interviews rather than just deck profiles! I hope that you enjoy the articles and I’d personally like to thank both Yi and Ashley for agreeing to these interviews and I can safely say that even in listening to them talk I was becoming a better player.

Ashley Kendall:  (Ashley-Below at Australian Nationals 2013!)

First of all, Congratulations on making it to 15th place at the Australian Nationals for 2013

Ashley: Thankyou!

Q: Please tell everyone at home what deck you were playing?

A: “I was playing Keldeo ex/Black Kyurem ex/Blastoise.”

Q: First of all Ashley, tell me a little bit about your deck. I’d especially like to know why you chose to run 3 Skyla in a Blastoise list that so many people would not ever consider changing from 4.

A: ”Personally, I found that I never really needed more than 3. I always seemed to find myself an out, be it through drawing cards with Tropical beach or Professor Juniper and the spare slot it gave me allowed my deck to run an extra item to help me continue my pressure into the late game if it ever came to that.”

Q: That’s a very interesting point, I also wanted to point out that you are running Kyurem from Plasma Freeze as well as the Baby Black Kyurem from Boundaries crossed. Why is that?

A: ”The Kyurem from Plasma Freeze was sort of like an anti KlinKlang deck but I never managed to ever face any on the day. However, it seemed to do its job very well on the day against a lot of other decks especially in the mirror match. As for Black Kyurem from BC, I had preferred it for the mirror match as I enjoyed the prize trade it could give me however, it ended up being a fodder card in most match ups as I never really saw the necessity of getting it out to force trades when I didn’t have to.”

Q: I also notice that you’re running 2 copies of Tropical beach as well as Computer Search, what was your thought process behind this?

A: “I really like Computer Search as Blastoise/Keldeo is a setup deck and Computer Search is just my overall preference when I like to set up. Dowsing Machine gives me a very strong late game card, but I consider Blastoise’s strength to remain the same throughout the whole game and as a result Comp. Search can get me everything I need whenever I need it to ensure either a t2 setup or a late game catcher for the game. As for the beach, it’s because I don’t have 3! Haha.”

Q: 3 Keldeo ex, 3 Superior energy retrieval were the next things I noticed. Did you have them in for the Gothitelle matchup or were you more worried about Hypnotoxic Lazer?

A: “3 Keldeo basically gives me all the outs I could possibly want to all of the above really, all of the horrible stuff that just keeps you stuck in the active is not something I wanted to have to deal with during swiss and decided the option of running 3 Keldeo would help me in the important matchup’s exactly when I needed it. I also wasn’t running Exeggcute so I thought that running the normal energy retrieval instead of running 4 flat S.E.R would help me out. In hind sight, I would like to run for S.E.R and a normal one as I feel like my matchups may have been a little less tense when digging through my deck for the last retrieval card!”

Q: One last card I wanted to talk about, the deck has obviously performed very well this weekend and I wanted to know your reasoning behind the Singular copy of the Lightening Blend Energy (LWFM)?

A: “The Blend energy allowed me to have an extra energy I needed to have on either of my attackers at any stage of the game. Only having one meant that Enhanced Hammer wouldn’t ruin the deck and that if it failed I would have the fallback of my other basic energy to ensure I wasn’t going to be running out of attackers or energy at the end of the game.”

Q: Finally, top 16 I know that gives you enough points for worlds this year! Will you be attending?

A: “I just scraped in with my points (205) this year and I definitely will be attending worlds this year!”

  • Ashley’s list below!

Yuan Yi: (Yi, after his 2012 Nationals 2nd place win) 

Hey everyone! Bodhi here again this time with 2nd place finishing at Nationals 2012 and 11th place finished Yuan Yi for his top 16 deck Report.

Q: Tell me a little bit about the cards you consider to be the most standout in the deck you brought to this event?

A: “Probably the most stand-out card in the deck is max potion. Against darkrai or mirror, which often relies on damage set up from previous attacks to sustain KOs, the ability to negate existing damage is crucial. 1-of is a little bit low in my opinion but it’s more of a clutch play than a planned strategy. After all, it is most effective when the opponent least expects it.”

Q: Why did you chose the particular supporter count that you chose to run in the deck?

A: “I choose to run 4 juniper 3 N 3 Colress 3 Bianca. Honestly, I think this is the safest supporter line one can run without ruining consistency. I did experiment with 1-2 skyla but I found that I would much rather draw more cards than to search for a catcher/laser.”

Q: In your matchups of the day, were there any cards that you found yourself never using and would you change them looking back on the day?

A: “My list is quite standard and I ended up using every card in the deck by the end of the tournament. In retrospect, I would like to have had the option of lugia ex (PLS) in the deck but I found that it messed up with consistency too much in testing when being ran as a 1-of tech.”

Q: If you had to name an MVP card of your deck for the day, what would it be and why?

A: “The MVP is probably absol. 2 energy attacker for a knockout on an 2-prize ex? Amazing value!”

Q: Were you surprised by the results of some of the more ‘Out-there’ decks (Ray-eels, Darkrai/Sableye/Absol, Klinklang, Gothitelle, Quad-Lax) that you saw in Swiss/Top Cut?

A: “I am actually a big fan of rayeels and darkrai decks, having played with them sometime during the season with some success. I also talked and tested gothitelle accelgor with my teammate well before it got all the hype and was quite aware of how strong the deck is. I think the metagame is very healthy at the moment with a large variety of decks to choose from. Each deck has its own niche in the format so it is no surprise that some of them are doing so well.”

Q: And finally, now that you’ve made top 16/top 8 do you have any plans on heading into the world championships?!

A: “Unfortunately, I would not be able to go to World’s this year.”

Yi’s decklist for the tournament below!


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