Plasma Blast Roundup, Local events & a years worth of coverage! – Poké News August 2013.

PlasmaBlastWith an incredible amount of success over the last two weeks, Pokemon has been on the uprise in Queensland and will continue the trend as we move into the first series of events starting soon! Plasma Blast was officially released last week, with no less than four events in two weeks spanning from the 10th of August to this coming Saturday the 24th.  In this article I will be highlighting each and every event and at the end of the article be discussing the next set of events and what you can expect in terms of Pokemon content from BTGN!

Fastbreak Sports, Nundah: 10/8/13

The first event to cap off the many releases of Pokemon TCG Plasma Blast would be Fastbreak Sports in Nundah.  I was lucky enough to be able to judge the events, meaning that most likely I would be able to keep an eye on all of the proceedings and give you guys a decent enough rundown of the event. We had a total of 44 Players on the day, including 3 staff bringing
the grand total to 47 people for a single Pokemon event in Brisbane!  This is a really great number and the community continues to grow bigger and bigger as we move towards the coming Pokemon season. The day was eventually won by Lachlan Knight, a local player who has only recently began to play Pokemon and has really made the scene aware of
his presence!  As Fastbreak provides a place of kids of all ages to play the game this certainly is great achievement and with a new season approaching we are going to hope that these numbers stay consistent all over Brisbane.

Gauntlet, Sunday August 11th:

With a great day of Pokemon TCG already behind us, it was now time for Pokemon to make its way to Gauntlet for the second in a stringof Pre-releases of the weekend! Not judging the event left me to mingle in with the crowd and I was lucky enough to end up with a pretty good set of cards to start the day. We had a total of 18 people at the event, which is a very impressive number in an up-and-coming part of the scene! As with any Gauntlet event, the best part of the day is the atmosphere that the store provides and we were able to make the very best of a day filled with friends and laughter! The winner of the Day was Kieran Blakely, a local player who is almost solely responsible for bringing Pokemon players to Gauntlet in the beginning. Congratulations to him and we can certainly expect to see many more players coming each week to Gauntlet as the events keep pouring in!

Fastbreak/Gauntlet release day events and Tournaments: 17/18-08-13

Each of these stores has been well and truly established in the Pokemon scene for some time now. This means, that when we receive the new cards we are bound to get plenty of people in on the weekends to test them out in a local environment! This last weekend, with the official release
of Pokemon Plasma Blast being on Wednesday we were in for a showing as many players would be eager to test out some of the new cards! Fastbreak provides a place for kids of all ages to go to play the game and this was no different this weekend as many kids who had heard about the weekends worth of event decided to make the trip both days and it paid off very well! This weekend, Gauntlet offered a Plasma Blast tournament for the first time since the set had come out and once again I was in charge of the day. I was lucky enough to come away with the win at the end of the event, finishing 3-0 and getting plenty of great practice in before the first chunk of premier events in September! I was playing a Team Plasma deck, that included Silver Bangle and a more interesting option of Lugia EX to sure up some match ups I was unsure of.

Premier events:

This year, the Pokemon TCG will continue to grow bigger and bigger in this State and in this Country thanks to the continual support of all of the player bases around the country. Last year, we had a record 129 Players at our National Champions and with out a doubt in my mind that
number has the potential to grow in the coming years! For Brisbane in particular, with an incredibly talented set of new players coming into the game and the support of local stores each and every week we are going to grow just as big as any other state! Our first set of events have
been scheduled for September and those events will be Battle Roads. If you are looking for a great set of events for newer players to have a good time and win some prizes then this is certainly the place!

Thank you guys for keeping up with Pokemon news around Brisbane and Australia, we will have an exclusive interview with Brisbane World’s attendee Anthony Smith in the coming days so make sure to stay tuned to BTGN for all of your Pokemon content!


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