PAX AUS 2016: Rule & Make / Table Tyrant Games


I’ve personally known Allen Chang of Rule & Make since some of the earliest days of the companies inception. You can even check out my review of their original Tournament Case dated July 9th, 2013 that includes a brief interview.

As such I’ve had the very distinct pleasure of watching the brainchild of Allen and his business partner Alistair Kearney grow from humble beginnings to a company on the brink of exploding onto the world stage. It’s altogether gratifying to see people who have put in the hard work make their dreams become a reality.

Since those early days of 2013 and the Rule & Make Tournament Case, the team have been pioneers in Australian indie board game development. They successfully released two Kickstarter games, Rise to Power and Entropy, which really paved the way for those to follow. We even interviewed Allen and Jason Kotzur-Yang (who now also works for Rule & Make) and asked them what sort of advice and tips they could offer those looking to repeat their successes.

This was only the beginning though, with further Kickstarter successes the team decided to expand the company in new directions and enter into the business of publishing. A large portion of their time at PAX Australia 2016 was spent meeting with potential clients, spending countless hours playing prototype games and looking for the next big thing.

The team took to the world stage recently at Spiel Essen, an extremely large tabletop gaming expo held in Germany.  They drew a lot of attention with their catalogue of games and lots of promising conversations were had.

Defiant Development, a Brisbane based video game developer, has also secured a deal with Rule & Make to create a board game based on their popular video game franchise Hand of Fate, the second of which I also managed to play at PAX.  I didn’t get a chance to play the game, which is currently in very early development, but I was told that Defiant are working closely with Rule & Make to create a fun and engaging tabletop version of their game.

And there is even BIGGER news that I unfortunately can’t share with you presently, suffice to say it’s a game based on a flippin’ HUGE franchise and I think it’s going to be the tipping point for Rule & Make in terms of global recognition in a big way. Very exciting stuff.


Alistair & Allen from Rule & Make

Table Tyrant Games is the newer kid on the block but already seems to be making big waves in the local scene. Dylan Shearer and Aaron Sparke had a big success with their first Kickstarter game Tavern Fame, before working on something a little bigger in the form of Smiths of Winterforge, which should be on Kickstarter soon. While I personally haven’t had a chance to play Tavern Fame, I have played Smiths of Winterforge and greatly enjoyed it. I’d be keen to pick up a copy once it’s available.

Table Tyrant has teamed up with Rule & Make in a mutually beneficial partnership that’s going to help more indie game developers get their games out into the world and into the hands of fellow gamers.

A game that may not normally suit the tastes of Rule & Make may now be enthusiastically grabbed by Table Tyrant. Indeed a card game the team had demonstrated to them at PAX had them very excited. I watched a few games being played myself and could see the potential.

In summary this is a really exciting time for indie board gaming in Australia and I’m absolutely chuffed to be right here in the middle of it all, watching it burst to life around me.

PROTIP: Keep an eye on both Rule & Make and Table Tyrant Games, these companies are going places.


Jennah from Table Tyrant Games

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