PAX AUS 2016: Good Games Publishing

GGPMy PAX weekend was busy, REALLY busy and as such I had nowhere near the time I wish I had available to sit down and enjoy the multitude of indie tabletop games on display. Seriously, if you are a fan of tabletop gaming, get yourself down to PAX next year, the amount on offer is simply staggering.

I did get time however to catch up with Jaime Lawrence and Kim Brebach from Good Games Publishing. Indie gaming in Australia has reached a whole new level and as such the need for publishers has increased dramatically. We actually caught up with Kim for a chat back in October last year when Good Games Publishing was freshly minted and since then the team has gone from strength to strength. For anyone involved in tabletop gaming you would be aware of the Good Games brand name, the publishing division has pulled together a team with years of experience in the field from design to manufacturing to marketing.

Unfair was a huge success on Kickstarter

Unfair was a huge success on Kickstarter

After the success of Monstrous the team then moved on to Unfair. Unfair absolutely smashed its Kickstarter to pieces with a staggering $284,846 over the $47,600 goal, hitting all of its stretch goals along the way. If you missed out on the Kickstarter, don’t sweat it, you can pickup a copy of the Kickstarter version with a late pledge on the GGP Website. If you’re not a fan of online purchasing no doubt the game will be on the shelves of Good Games retail stores next year, although you might miss out on some of the online goodies.

While I (sadly) didn’t get a chance to play Unfair, I did get to take a look at one of the upcoming indie titles that Good Games Publishing is interested in – Spy: Goonz from Matt and Matt at Platypus Industries. With time so limited over the weekend this was the only game I had a chance to sit down and play. Both Matts were very enthusiastic and clearly passionate about their game and it was certainly infectious. I’ve not spent a lot of time with prototype games and so it was interesting to see how things come together, rules are adjusted, feedback taken on board and simply daydreaming about new directions, expansions and what might be.

Spy: Goonz in action!

Spy: Goonz in action!

Let me first say that Spy: Goonz has an enormous amount of potential, simply enormous. The game was easy to understand and the rules quick to learn, we were off and racing pretty quickly. You play the part of Goonz – henchman if you will – working for an evil mastermind in their secret base. Your job is to complete various tasks set by your boss, which involves gathering materials and activating various rooms within the base. Of course it isn’t easy though and you’ll likely die, but hey, who said the life of a Goon was an easy one?

The game was fast moving, a little hectic and filled with humour, with us all laughing at each others misfortunes throughout the course of play. My only concern was that the game stretched on for too long and I feel that the entire thing would be a much tighter and well rounded experience if games were to last around the 45 minute mark.  Thankfully Matt & Matt were completely aware of this and are actively working to reduce the length of the average play session. No doubt this is all part of the prototype phase and once the game arrives on Kickstarter or shelves it’ll be a lot of fun to play. We’ll keep our eyes out and you should too.

Sadly I didn’t get time to take a look at some of the other titles Good Games Publishing had in their booth over the weekend, but it’s clear Jaime and Kim are keeping busy and keeping an eye out for the next big thing. Keep an eye on their website and their Facebook page as we’re expecting great things.

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