PAX AUS 2014: Relic Knight Tutorial and Overview

  RK-CoverArt-1920x1200-900x562When I attended PAX Aus 2014, I endeavored to learn as many new games as I could manage. This was an undertaking that was taxing on my brain and subsequently, my wallet. One of the first games I tackled was Relic Knight from Sodapop Miniatures. Relic Knight was funded on Kickstarter on September of 2012. The game had a rocky beginning with actual delivery missing their Kickstarter’s estimated delivery date of May 2013 by a whole year. At July 2014, the game became available for purchase by the public.


Black DaimondThe game is set in the universe ravaged by the mysterious ‘Darkspace Calamity’ that has destroyed most of the known galaxies. The heroes known as Relic Knights all converge on the last known galaxy to battle over Relics, resources, and perhaps even a means to prevent total annihilation of the universe. The lore of the game centers around the titular Relic Knights, who have claimed ancient and powerful Relics, and the hopeful Questing Knights, that are on a mission to obtain one of their own. Each of the armies fielded in the game are headed by either a Relic or a Questing Knight and its ranks are filled with a colorful bunch of unique characters, minions, and squads.


Sodapop Miniatures’ publishing partner, Ninja Division, had a stall at PAX Aus 2014 demoing the game and I chose to take the opportunity to learn it. Matt from Ninja Division’s volunteer group of table top enthusiasts, Ninja Corp, took the time to sit down with me and go through the game. A special thanks is due to Matt for not only his superb tutorial, but also his patience with my questions and my hilarious inability to differentiate certain colours.


IMG_9968The first thing that impressed me about Relic Knights is how beautiful and detailed the miniatures are. This is unsurprising, since Sodapop is known for making undeniably gorgeous miniatures, granted you like anime aesthetics. This aesthetic choice is quite apparent in the Relic Knights range. There is even a whole limited edition range known as ‘Cosplay editions’ where the characters are dressed as well-known anime characters.RelicKnightsCosplay-1

CerciscAs for the game itself, it definitely held my interest. I’ve been a fan of using cards instead of dice in miniature games since Malifaux and it seems to me that Relic Knights’ system is more accessible. Accessibility is definitely the intent here overall, with movement and targeting rules designed for simplicity. Ranged attacks essentially having infinite range is an example of this, though I can see this being overpowered if the map did not have enough terrain. The way the unique ‘dashboard’ manages activation order also takes a lot of the hassle out of each player’s turn.  As a skirmish game, the appeal also is in the small forces fielded and the resulting quicker games. If both players have learnt the rules properly, a starter box sized game should not last much longer then 30 minutes. The looks and abilities of the units also seems unique and interesting to me and I imagine this will attract most players to this game.

My overall impression is a positive one. I’ve already picked up a couple of convention exclusive figures at PAX and it’s only a matter of time before I pick up a starter set or two. If the player base grows locally, I would not be surprised if this became my main miniature game.

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