Pathfinder – The Grand Convocation: Siege of Serpents

Pathfinder SkaldOn the first Saturday in December Pathfinders gather in two separate states to play a multi table cooperative adventure. In Geelong, Victoria and Adelaide, South Australia, the doors to The Grand Lodge are opened for adventurers to participate in The Grand Convocation. This is a festival for Pathfinders to relax, share tales of their exploits, show off their findings and share in the accomplishments of The Pathfinder Society.

Just as the day’s events are getting under way an old enemy makes themselves known to The Society and unleashes chaos in The Grand Lodge with the help of an ancient magical artifact. The Aspis Consortium is back and more powerful than ever; this time they are out to prove the evils of The Pathfinder Society.

The day was split into two stages. In the first, players could select from a number of locations around The Grand Lodge and attempt a wide range of scenarios. For each success The Pathfinders would acquire resources to be shared among all the tables in both cities. After lunch the game shifts and The Pathfinders seek out their opponents and eject them forcefully from their home.

pathfinder wizardI was on a table with tier one and two players. Despite starting two players down and no encounter being scaled for level or number of players, we did really well, successfully completing three encounters before lunch and surviving the first wave of the boss fight before the day was over.

In the end the Aspis Consortium was ejected from The Grand Lodge with what we think was their main goal, The Sky Key. The day was not without loss; Aram Zey the Master of Spells for The Pathfinder Society was murdered by The Aspis Consortium and his corpse had the obvious taint of necromancy about it. What could The Aspis be trying to achieve by killing Aram Zey.

Siege of Serpents chipI had a really good time and am looking forward to season seven scenarios coming out soon. Shout out to all the GMs and organisers who made the day special. There are also several upcoming multi table campaigns to look out for, including one where players are given roles in the Aspis Consortium setting up all the traps and encounters we played through in Siege of Serpents. Keep an eye out on the Pathfinder Australia Facebook page for details.

See you at the table next time


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