New Eldar available to pre-order now

A few days ago I put up a video from Games Workshop, which told not very much at all; quite typical for GW. I took a guess that it might involve Eldar because of another nugget of info that I had found, a pic of a new Farseer model, plus a couple of the things in the vid did hint at Eldar.

Well the date stated in the vid has arrived, the 25th of May, and GW has now put up its pre-orders for the new Eldar miniatures. But not only are there new minis, there is also a new codex, a fancy limited edition codex (only 2000 available) and new Psychic Power cards.

I will say that the new sculpts are very nice looking, especially the Wraith Knight kit and the Hemlock Wraithfighter/Crimson Hunter kit. Here is a video that showcases the new stuff and the announcement page can he found here: White Dwarf Daily.

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