Netrunner Store Championships – Brisbane (GUF)


Howdy Netrunners,

Have you ever wondered if 13 Store Championship Netrunner contenders can compete with the noise of a First-Person-Shooter tournament in the background? Well wonder no more… yes they sure can! GUF Brisbane brings us our 3rd Brisbane Store Championship in as many weeks, at which the hallowed gaming halls echoed with cries of triumph as agendas were scored or stolen and lament as punitive ‘Counterstrike’s’ hit home.

Props to our Tournament Organiser Ash (Kuso), he was legendary as always and it was yet another smooth, well run event and the only drama was played out when those prime agendas landed in the out of-of-play area top of the playmat alongside good ole Jackson.

We sparred for four rounds of lightning fast Swiss which as we know is this reporter’s favourite tournament structure. At the end of Swiss we were lead to the top 4 double elimination dance of death. Here is the top cut list followed by commentated video:

Top 4 Bracket:

1. Alex Marchuk (MaxX / RP) 

2. Andru Rodger (Kate McCaffrey / Near-Earth Hub)

3. Blake Thompson (Edward Kim / Near-Earth Hub) 

4. Joshua Corthorne (Ken Tenma / Blue Sun) 

So come take a journey through the final games with myself, Andru ‘Sir we’ve lost all tilt stabilisation’ Rodger and Alex ‘When you get to Hades tell em I sent you’ Marchuk:

Upper Bracket Final

Grand Finale:

Andru OUT!

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