Netrunner Store Championship – Brisbane (Good Games)


Hi there Runners, jack-in for coverage of the Good Games Brisbane tournament as Store Championships season continues to roll on.

That’s right, back to back tournaments in Brisvegas and if you weren’t tournament ready beforehand well you will be after this. Back in my day we just had Core and a couple of Data-packs you know. Runs were cheaper and Corps took their time and built a server to score in proper-like. Well that’s not entirely true but once again I would like to comment on how different the tournament scene is right now. It’s an exciting time with cool new tools at our disposal and the IDs present were once again vastly different from those used just a few months ago. The classic builds were represented but we also saw Industrial Genomics malevolently advancing its agendas and Edward Kim creatively destroying all of the things.

It wouldn’t be an Andru article without a brightly coloured pie chart that some genius made. Mmm I do love pie.


This time we managed 11 people which brought us down to a nice tidy 4 rounds of Swiss. As always in NR tournaments, due to the nature of the scoring system, every point is crucial. That strength of schedule can really make or break it and last week showed us that even with a horror start, if you finish strong you can claw your way into that double elimination bracket. The bracket was a top four cut, way more civilized than how I usually depict the top 8 cut double elimination bracket, which is along the lines of the zombies from World War Z climbing over each other to get into the finals.

After the domination by Weyland last week we had a different Corp makeup for top 4 but there was Edward Kim still riding high:

| 1 | Alex ‘Alex’ Marchuk | NBN | Near-Earth Hub: Broadcast Center | Shaper | Kate “Mac” McCaffrey: Digital Tinker | 13 |

| 2 | Andru ‘Andru’ Rodger | HB | Haas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future | Anarch | Edward Kim: Humanity’s Hammer | 10 |

| 3 | Stuart ‘Stu’ Lauder | Jinteki | Industrial Genomics: Growing Solutions | Anarch | Noise: Hacker Extraordinaire | 10 |

| 4 |Blake ‘Blake’ Thompson | NBN | Near-Earth Hub: Broadcast Center | Anarch | Edward Kim: Humanity’s Hammer | 10 |

So who wants that full strength Bye into Regionals? Me, I do, I really, really do but if you want to know who won and how they won… well we have video of the finals for you, commentated by myself Andru ‘Where does it hide it’s precious-es’ Rodger and Alex ‘Your fear tells me where I should run’ Marchuk!

Round 1 Top Seed

Round 2 Undefeated



Spoilers for you guys who must know things. Here are the decks of the winner:

Andru OUT!

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