Netrunner League @ Ace Annerley Reaches Epic Climax

NetrunnerFor the past six weeks eleven contenders have been slugging it out to see who will hold the crown of “Best Netrunner Player in the World*” (*Out of the players who regularly play at Ace Comics and Games Annerley). Over 50 games were played and by the end of week six we had a pretty clear indication of which players dominate at Netrunner! But it’s not over yet! On Wednesday the 7th of August the players will duke it out one last time in a do or die 16 bracket knockout tournament where the true champion will be crowned and will also become $33 richer! I know right, pretty amazing! So who are the contenders and what are their chances?

Name: Tobias
Games Played: 0
Tobias is one to watch because although he’s been out of town and hasn’t played a match, he is a very competent player and will prove to be quite the wild card!

Name: Malcolm
Position: 10th
Games Played: 2
Win %age: 0%
Not much is known about the mysterious Malcolm. He has scarcely been seen and he may cause some upsets.

Name: Tristin
Position: 8th
Games played: 5
Win %age: 20%
Tristin joined the league the week he purchased Netrunner. Although study commitments have kept him away most weeks he’s playing for experience and is looking to be the most improved player in leagues to come!

Name: Dave
Position: 8th
Games Played: 10
Win %age: 10%
Biggest Rivalry: Dutch (1 win 2 losses)
With work commitments keeping him from coming every week, Dave is looking to get game practice in.

Name: Ben J
Position: 7th
Games Played: 8
win %age: 37.5%
Biggest Threat to: Dave (2 wins)
Worst enemy: Laurence (2 Losses)
Ben J is quite a capable player and is an awesome amount of fun to play against. His games are entertaining win, loss or draw. He will also be filming the Grand Final on Wednesday.

Name: Dutch
Position: 6th
Games Played: 11
Win %age: 27.27
Best Rivalry: Dave (2 Wins 1 Loss)
Worst enemy: Ben R (2 Losses)
Dutch is a mathematician and a very confident player. He, like Tristin has joined the league late after finally being coerced into buying the game. In just a few short weeks he made short work of the bottom of the ladder. He too could provide a few upsets!

netrunnerName: Rob
Position: 5th
Games Played: 9
Win %age: 55.55%
Biggest threat to: Laurence (2 Wins)
Worst enemy: Anyone named Ben (2 Losses each)
If there were betting odds on these matches Rob would provide the best value. He is the Achilles Heal of Laurence who sits 3rd on the ladder and is more than capable of causing an upset!

Name: Marcus
Position: 4th
Games played: 16
Win %age: 31.25%
Biggest threat to: Dave (2 wins)
Worst enemy: Andru (4 losses)
Marcus is the one who is running the league. For a few weeks Marcus had been forced to tackle the top three but pressure has gotten the better of him and has resulted in his low win rate. Does he have what it takes to make the final?

Name: Laurence
Position: 3rd
Games played: 14
Win %age: 50%
Biggest threat to: Ben J (2 wins)
Worst enemy: Ben R (2 Losses)
Missing week 5 of competition destroyed his chances of keeping up with the top 2. Make no mistake though Laurence is a real contender!

Name: Ben R
Position: 2nd
Games played: 15
Win %age: 80%
Biggest Threat to: Just about everybody!
Best Rivalry: Andru (1 Win, 2 Losses, 1 draw)
Ben R started late in week 2 but has not missed a beat since. He has played as many matches as he could and has been steadily dominating the field. He is the odds on favourite to win this competition.

Name: Andru
Position: 1st
Games played: 16
Win %age: 68.75
Biggest Threat to: Marcus (4 wins)
Best Rivalry: Ben R (2 wins, 1 loss, 1 draw)
Andru is already quite the coveted player. He has a regional and the ashes comp to his name and he plans to represent us in the world comp this year. Finishing first on the ladder makes this his competition to lose!

The tournament commences 6pm on Wednesday. Feel free to come and spectate but if you can’t make it Ben J will be filming it and commentary will be provided by John and I. So stay tuned for the results!


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