Netrunner for beginners

netrunnerThanks to a group of dedicated players, Android: Netrunner beginners were welcomed last Thursday to Next Level Games Dandenong for a learn-to-play session. Alongside a Commander tournament and some casual wargaming in the back corner, 16 players of all levels of experience joined in to play the game.

Several never before players built their first core decks and played their first games, learning of the slight inherent advantage to the Runner in the core set. Despite that, they seemed to still be very much attracted to the intrigue of the Corp, especially Jinteki. It was also impressive to see that some other new players brought decks of their own creation. The first part of the night saw a lot of conversation in regards to deck building, with some of the more experienced players lending a hand to the newbies.

I was surprised to see that so many new players had bought not only the core set, but also many (or all) of the datapacks before playing on Thursday. It’s excellent to see players get right into the game. It was also great that the event was free – and that employees of Next Level were getting right into it as well! The event overall had an air of good spirit and welcome, making it very easy for new players to get involved. A new player, Watson, remarked that the game was very accommodating and that there were “few barriers to entry” – nice pun there. Matt, another new player, also expressed his enjoyment in the game and hoped to play again soon. For the more experienced players out there (especially those in the south-east region) they may be starting up some regular game nights with league kits available.


Overall, the event was a great success and will hopefully happen again. I highly recommend Netrunner to anyone out there considering taking up a new card game, and there’s nothing better than learning a great game in the company of great people. Stay tuned for more updates on gaming events in Melbourne.


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