Android: Netrunner Australian Nationals 2015 – Top 16

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The Australian Fantasy Flight Games Nationals event was held in Sydney this year at the Bankstown Sports Club, running over the weekend of August 15-16th and bringing us to a grand finale of the official tournament season in Australia for 2015. This earlier date I felt flowed on from the regional events nicely without a large break between expansions, with data packs up to ‘The Underway’ being legal for play.

At the Melbourne based 2014 Australian Android: Netrunner Nationals, 80 people attended a very successful event held at (and run by) the Games Laboratory. Tackling the challenge of hosting such a large event, the Sydney based Good Games team secured a great venue with handy accommodation for many participants right there! So all in all another great showing with 74 players representing (I believe) six states and showing how much we enjoy this game.

Such a large turnout meant we were to play six rounds of Swiss Pair with a top 16 cut. There has been a lot of discussion about whether the cut should have been 8 or 16, but either way it was an excellent idea to host the final rounds on the second day.

Incidentally, if you are looking for coverage regarding the Call of Cthulhu or Star Wars: Aramada National Events and didn’t catch our article on them already, here it is.


2015 Australian Android: Netrunner Nationals – Day 1

Shout Outs

All in all Good Games put on a great event and warrant a shout out for sure. With we can’t deny that the early rounds did experience some delays and hiccups but as the day progressed they found their rhythm and all was forgiven.

As for the players, everyone I sat across from was so cool and I think in nearly every article I have written I mention just how awesome the A:NR community is. My opponents and I had great chats and just enjoyed our games whether it was somebody new or one of the friends I had made from last year. Play-wise I saw take-backs allowed within reason and players accepting responsibility when they had made a mistake. This all feeds into making it such an enjoyable event for all.

The Winning Agenda surely deserve a shout out as does anyone who puts time and extra effort into the community. The teams event was by all accounts innovative and fun giving players something to do while the top 16 battled it out. From a personal perspective whilst listening to the TWA pod cast I have picked up some gems in regards to play style and those ideas certainly helped me improve my game. For those of you interested that haven’t looked yet: The Winning Agenda

Figures & Stats

Firstly let’s break down the factions. As you will see below there was a fairly dominant showing from Anarch and NBN.

Android: Netrunner Nationals Deck Breakdown –




2015 Australian Android: Netrunner Nationals – Day 2 (Top 16)


We will be discussing this further in the commentary and I would expect our guests will have some enlightening comments as to how and why certain factions are on top.  Now once again thanks to Alex, here is the complete pairing breakdown for the Top 16 –


Deck Lists

We’ve also gotten permission to link to most of the decks used in the Top 16.  A big thanks to all of the participants who allowed us to share their decks and publish them.

1st – Daryl Russell (Dazm0) – Corporation Deck / Runner Deck
2nd – Alex Forndran – Corporation Deck / Runner Deck
3rd – Joey Lindsay – Corporation Deck / Runner Deck
4th – Ryan Thomas (RJorb) – Corporation Deck / Runner Deck
5th – Wilfy Horig – Corporation Deck / Runner Deck
6th – Joel Lee – Corporation Deck / Runner Deck
7th – Aolifu Yu – Corporation Deck / Runner Deck
8th – Chris Davies – Corporation Deck / Runner Deck
9th – Jan Schröder
10th – Hannu Kokkonen – Corporation Deck / Runner Deck
11th – Nelson Wong – Corporation Deck / Runner Deck
12th – Shaun Barry
13th – Jeremy Wazny
14th – David Lynch – Corporation Deck / Runner Deck
15th – Dillon Kikkawa – Corporation Deck / Runner Deck
16th – Matthew Cox (Matt) – Corporation Deck / Runner Deck

Match Videos

Now for your viewing pleasure we have the first five videos brought to you by Australian Tabletop Gaming Network from the top 16 featuring a plethora of sensational guest speakers plus the ever legendary videographer Alex ‘I’m too Zen to be limited by your win/lose dichotomy’ Marchuck and Andru ‘this tiramasu will help me sleep’ Rodger.


We hope you enjoyed this, the first part of our coverage of the 2015 Australian Android: Netrunner Nationals.  We’ll have a second article for you all very soon which will cover the remaining matches and of the course the all important grand final between Daryl and Alex.

Alex (Left) and Daryl (Right) before they begin the final match.

Alex (Left) and Daryl (Right) before they begin the final match.

Until then we’d love to hear your comments and feedback below.

~ Andru


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