Australian Android Netrunner Nationals: Part Deux

Here it is folks, the second installment of the Android: Netrunner Nationals reporting showcase extravaganza of affluent design and contextual information in the world! But really it’s just an update on the first article, which you can catch up on here if you missed it.

Video number two of Nationals can be viewed at your leisure right now featuring the winner of game 6 of round one of the top bracket of double eliminations, Jesse Marshall. This time he’s up against the prowess of Melbourne local and French expatriate Johann Fischmann – Kate versus Near-Earth Hub. Enjoy!

As promised as well, you can find the next two deck lists for top combatants of 6th place, Yan Zuo, and 5th place, Alex Marchuk, in the forums right here.

Stay tuned to ATGN for the remaining details, stats, videos, and juicy, delicious content from the Australian Android Netrunner Nationals.

– Kuso

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