madvtimeIt is widely known that the cartoon show ‘Adventure Time’ is wildly popular with a lot of people. It has grown a great following, and I think the majority of those are not children either. There is already a whole lot of merchandise for this program, that is how popular it is. And now one more thing can be added to that, a card game.

But, before anyone goes off on a tangent about how this shouldn’t be and all that jazz, this game isn’t solely Adventure Time, it is Munchkin Adventure time. If you don’t know what Munchkin is, it is (mainly) a not-so-serious card game for a great number of players that centers mainly around killing monsters, stealing loot and stabbing your friend in the back. It is all around a very fun and very amusing game to play. This is a joint project between Steve Jackson Games, USAopoly and Cartoon Network.

So this Munchkin Adventure time will put the players in the Land of Ooo, helping Finn, Jake, Lumpy Space Princess and the rest to avoid perils and gains rewards. This game is due to come out mid 2014. There is not much information on the announcement page,  but you can go there and peruse what little there is, if you wish.

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