Modern Win a Box: Report

The Eldrazi are dead!!!


Modern is re-born and it’s great to be playing with my Jund deck again. If you missed the latest ban list update you can find it here. I took my beloved jund deck to a modern ‘win a box’ tournament at Good Games Maitland, and I convinced a few friends to come along so I knew we were gonna have a fun day even if results didn’t go our way. We showed up and were blown away when we found out there was 41 people competing on the day. We expected maybe half of that. I think it shows that people really love modern again. Here is my jund deck for the day:

Creatures (14)                                     Sorcery (7)

Dark Confidant                                 4 Inquisition of Kozilek

4 Tarmogoyf                                         2 Thoughtseize

Scavenging Ooze                               1 Maelstrom Pulse

Kitchen Finks                                     Instant (11)

Olivia Voldaren                                  4 Lightning Bolt

Goblin Dark-Dwellers                       3 Terminate

Land (24)                                             2 Abrupt Decay

4 Blackcleave Cliffs                              2 Kolaghan’s Command

2 Overgrown Tomb                              Planeswalkers (4)

1 Blood Crypt                                        4 Liliana of the Veil

1 Stomping Ground                              Sideboard

3 Raging Ravine                                    3 Feed the Clan

1 Ghost Quarter                                   2 Fulminator Mage

4 Verdant Catacombs                          2 Painful Truths

2 Bloodstained Mire                            2 Ancient Grudge

1 Wooded Foothills                              1 Creeping Corrosion

2 Swamp                                                1 Duress

2 Forest                                                 1 Choke

1 Mountain                                           1 Anger of the Gods

1 Huntmaster of the Fells

1 Slaughter Games

The Metagame

I was able to get a quick list of 35 of the 41 decks being played on the day, so let’s have a quick look at what everyone was playing.

Burn 3, Grixis Control 3, Infect 3

Jund 2, Abzan Midrange 2, White enchantments 2, Kiki-Chord 2

Affinity, Esper Gifts, Soul Sisters, Bogles, Naya Zoo, Gr Tron, Merfolk, Storm, Norin Sisters, Abzan Company, BR control, Jeskai control, Grixis Eldrazi, Living end, Black Eldrazi, 4 colour gifts, Big Affinity, Grixis Delver.

This is a super diverse turn out which is great to see compared to the tournaments of the past few months. I’ve learnt with modern that most people only have the one deck and they play that no matter what, which is a fine attitude to have when decks can cost thousands of dollars. There was only three decks on the day playing the recently unbanned Ancestral Vision and no one showed up playing Sword of the Meek + Thopter Foundry. I think this may be a result of the prices of these cards and also people just haven’t found the right home for them yet.

Round 1: Grixis control (thing in the ice)

Game 1: She has too many Remands and I get stuck on mana. I die to Snapcaster Mage and man land beat down.

Game 2: I mull to 5 and think it’s gonna be a long day. She deals with my three threats but she gets stuck on 2 lands. Raging Ravine steps up and kills her before she can draw an answer to it.

Game 3: We trade threats and answers for the first few turns then I finish her off with my Raging Ravine again.

Round 2: White enchantments

Game 1: I think my opponent is on soul sisters but when he plays pacifism on my tarmogoyf I realize that he is playing a very casual lifegain/enchantment deck. Raging Ravine steps up again and finishes the match.

Game 2: I kill his only threat and beat down with Dark Confidant and Kitchen Finks.

Round 3: Grixis control (Thing in the Ice)

Game 1: He stumbles on mana but manages to resolve two Ancestral Vision. My Liliana of the Veil blows up half his lands so he can’t keep up.

Game 2: He gets stuck on four lands and can’t deal with all my threats.

Round 4: Soul Sisters

Game 1: I kill his first few threats then I land a Scavenging Ooze that gets huge and forces him to chump block for multiple turns. I draw more threats and his creatures just don’t match up against mine.

Game 2: Very similar to the first game; I kill his early dudes and start attacking with my Tarmogoyf. An interesting situation pops up when he lands a Serra Ascendant and is at 31 life. My Tarmogoyf is 4/5,  I swing in and my opponent immediately blocks. I bolt his face and my 4/5 kills his now 1/1 and only threat. My opponent can not compete after that and quickly scoops.

Round 5 and 6: Intentional draw into top 8. I draw with both my opponents and lock up the 3rd seed of the top 8. I also have time to go grab some food and get some much-needed energy back.

Quarterfinal: Soul Sisters

Game 1: Removal spells are still great against creatures. Dark Confidant refills my hand and I draw nothing but threats to kill him with.

Game 2: Almost identical to game 1. I kill his creatures and kill him with my Tarmogoyf and Kitchen Finks.

Semi-Final: Kiki-Chord

Game 1: He takes a mulligan to six and has to rely on his mana dorks but I am able to kill them before they help him catch up back up. I flood the board with threats and I’m able to remove his Restoration Angel and he scoops.

Game 2: We both mulligan to six this time, however I am able to play a Dark Confidant to get card advantage and he gets stuck on just two mana. I overwhelm him with Tarmogoyf and removal for the few creatures he is able to play.


This time I meet the mighty Tyler Visser in the final but we are both quite tired and wanna leave so we agree to split the prizes between us and we both leave with 24 packs each (enough for a draft).

All in all it was a pretty decent day, three of the five people in our car made the top 8. With me and Tyler meeting in the final and Brendan losing in the semis to Tyler. Jack managed to pick up 13th in his first tournament back in a while and Alex finished 17th in his first ever modern tournament so we were all very proud of him.

What’s Next?

I’m super excited to be back playing standard for the next few weeks. Games day is coming up fast and I would love to add another champion playmat to my collection. Let’s hope that the Pro Tour this weekend shakes up the meta game a bit so we have something sweet to play.


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