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MMlogoHey everybody! Last Friday I had the pleasure of rocking up at Good Games in Spring Hill, Brisbane to catch the Magic: the Gathering FNM Draft for the week. Sadly, I arrived too late to join in on the fun but was still able to catch all the action from the sidelines.

Good Games were running two groups of eight people for draft, each running a different block of Magic cards; one was the recent Return to Ravnica block and the other was the illustrious Modern Masters. It was an easy choice of which group to follow. I settled in and watched the drafters at work as they skillfully chose the cards that would win them the night.

After they’d all cracked open the boosters and the tables were left a field of torn, trashed, barely recognisable booster packets and sorely forgotten land cards and tokens, the first round of pairings was called. I dropped into the closest match which was between Joe Sparks and Mark Styman. Local lad Mark seemed to know what he was going to do right from the start while out-of-towner Joe from Lismore scanned his opening hand waiting to see what Mark would throw at him.

Mark had drafted a lot of Golgari cards with the Dredge mechanic and he used this in combo with Life from the Loam and Worm Harvest to quickly amass sixteen (16!!!) worm tokens to win the first game. In the second game, Joe started out strong with the upper hand by dropping Faerie Macabre to eliminate Mark’s Life from the Loam and Worm Harvest from the game. This significantly slowed down Mark’s strategy but it couldn’t stop him from overpowering Joe’s creatures with a Greater Mossdog and Moldervine Cloak combo leading to a 3 point early lead for Mark.

tarmogoyfIn the second round I joined Jack Baxter and Joseph Cooper, two very quick, experienced players. Joseph won the game very decisively with a Tar Pitcher and Marsh Flitter combo and was even able to get his Sword of Light & Shadow on the field.The second game went in favour of Jack who was able to deal a whopping 26 trample damage with a turn 6 Tromp the Domains. The tie breaker game went to Joseph who was able to whittle Jack’s life total down to 9 then simply overran him with creatures, even including an appearance from Mad Auntie and Auntie’s Snitch. This scored Joseph another 3 points and advanced him to the final round.

As luck would have it, Mark from the first round also won his second game and was facing off against Joseph from round 2. Couldn’t have made it happen any better myself if I tried. The two leaders sat down, shook hands and began the first game. The first game went to Joseph with excellent use of his card’s Prowl mechanics, a 5-turn suspended Phthisis, and a swarm of goblins. Mark was able to get out one worm token with his deck’s inherent combo but couldn’t get a grasp on the game to accrue any more.

Game two, Mark had much better luck with Joseph having to mulligan down to a 5 card starting hand, a harsh start for any Magic player. Mark took full advantage of this and started early dredging cards to swiftly set up his combo, retracing worm harvest from the garveyard, building up creatures and worm tokens (even dredging the Tarmogoyf he drafted!) before swinging with 11 worm tokens and retracing Syphon Life to win the game. It all came down to the third and final game for the FNM Draft win.


Mark (Left) and Joseph (Right) battle it out.

Game three was almost over as quickly as it started with Joseph starting out with Mogg War Marshal and Warren Pilferers to quickly amass an army of goblins with Mad Auntie’s ability boosting their power and defense. Mark tried to start his combo but couldn’t and was only able to fend off the inevitable for a few turns. Joseph quickly ran over the top Mark with his goblin horde to take the FNM Draft win, and of course, the coveted Tarmogoyf.

Here is Joseph’s decklist:

Land: Terramorphic Expanse x1, Mountain x7, Swamp x9

Creatures: Marsh Flitter x1, Festering Goblin x1, Faerie Macabre x1, Pardic Dragon x1, Mogg War Marshal x2, Facevaulter x1, Dreamspoiler Witches x1, Rathi Trapper x1, Tar Pitcher x1, Warspike Changeling x1, Murderous Redcap x1, Warren Pilferers x1, Mad Auntie x1, Auntie’s Snitch x1, Countryside Crusher x1

Sorceries: Warren Weirding x1, Phthisis x1, Rift Bolt x1

Instants: Horobi’s Whisper x1, Sudden Shock x1

Artifacts: Sword of Light & Shadow x1, Bonseplitter x1

It was a great afternoon and evening to sit around and chat with some keen Magic: the Gathering players who all had a lot of insight and their own techniques. Good Games ran a solid FNM Draft event and kept it running smoothly and efficiently. For only $15, who wouldn’t want to join in for a few rounds of fun card games, socialise, and hopefully take home a win.

Thanks for reading. Until next time.


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