Modern Event Deck….you’re playing it wrong!


As you already know, you will soon be able to purchase an event deck to take to any modern tournament. It’s been broadcast worldwide including Matt’s article on this site a fortnight ago and I’ve read a lot of mixed feelings towards this. Personally, I think it’s a great deck and can see many simple ways to adjust it to make it very competitive against all the top decks around. I am quite fond of this build because it is very similar to a deck I piloted to 3rd place at a World Cup Magic Qualifier 2 years ago. The decklist I played at that event can be found here –

The mana base is a little disappointing. Who uses City of Brass in a two colour deck these days, especially when there are far better alternatives? I would have preferred to see Fetid Heaths from Eventide but I’m assuming they didn’t want to reprint any multi-coloured land that won’t be featured in a core set. Other than that, the deck alone has everything to deal with whatever it takes on including Kataki, War’s Rage to take out all those pesky Affinity decks. Contents can be found through this link –

I feel this deck is targeted for those that have taken up the game in the recent years and have become great players in standard construction but want to step up to modern without investing a fortune to catch up with the rest of the veteran players. Fear not, those who are at the top of their game in standard right now have easy access to some of the top standard legal cards to spice up this event deck. Godless Shrine is the perfect addition to sort out mana troubles, Thoughtseize is a modern staple and as a standard legal reprint, it will slip straight in just nicely. I also feel Brimaz, King of Oreskos can reign supreme as he is an efficient beatdown token generator. Here is a list I’ve developed for those that only have access to their standard legal cards to spice up the modern token deck.

Godless ShrineLAND 24

4   Caves of Koilos

4   Godless Shrine

4   Isolated Chapel

5   Plains

2   Swamp

1   Vault of the Archangel

4   Windbrisk Heights

CREATURES 6                                                                                                                    

3   Tidehollow Sculler

3   Brimaz, King of Oreskos

OTHER SPELLS 30                                                                                                            Brimaz, King of Oreskos 

2   Inquisition of Kozilek

3   Path to Exile

3   Thoughtseize

2   Honor of the Pure

4   Intangible Virtue

4   Raise the Alarm

3   Zealous Persecution

4   Lingering Souls

4   Spectral Procession

1   Elspeth, Knight Errant

SIDEBOARD 15                                                                                                                    Thoughtseize

2   Burrenton Forge-Tender

3   Relic of Progenitus

3   Kataki, War’s Wage

2   Sundering Growth

2   Dismember

1   Sword of Feast and Famine

2   Blood Baron of Vizkopa

Sundering Growth


I do like that it is a hand disruption deck as that seems to be one of the more powerful strategies in modern. Token decks traditionally rely on card advantage by overwhelming your opponent with a massive swarm of token creatures. Blood Baron in the sideboard is my niche touch as it will be devastating against the mirror which is expected to soon be popular as well as against control decks after stripping their hand of counterspells and any other deck that relies on Path to Exile or Dismember as their first choice removal spells.

So at a retail price of $110, I think this is great value for money, and for those who want to indulge in modern, lets face it, how much have you already invested in this game? As a veteran player, Black/White token has been one of the most fun deck types that I’ve played with in the past so I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with this. Other standard cards that you can consider  adding include Banishing Light and Aegis of the Gods from the latest set Journey into Nyx, plus Frontline Medic, Precinct Captain, Brave the Elements, Path of Bravery, Celestrial Flare, Doom Blade, Ultimate Price and Devour Flesh.

I hope I’ve given some inspiration as I see potential in the new Modern Event deck as it doesn’t take much to tweak it to suit your style. As long as we all support it, we can hope for more of this in the future. I feel the Merfolk deck could be expected in the near future as I’d love to have a playset of modern bordered Lord of Atlantis as well as injecting more Aether Viles into the market. Hope you all have great success with your new event deck when it comes out.



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