Modern Banlist Update!




Let’s turn off caps lock for just a minute and try to let that sink in, Jace and Bloodbraid have been unbanned from Modern and we can finally see just how powerful they will be in the current meta. Bloodbraid has been banned since 2013 and Jace has never been legal in Modern. I am genuinely so excited right now. If you don’t know me, let me just say that Jund is my favourite deck to play in Modern and Bloodbraid Elf is a huge reason why. My life has been empty without casting this incredible value machine but as soon as I submit this article I’m gonna sleeve them up and start shuffling (only 4 more sleeps till FNM…..). There are four years worth of new cards to combine with Bloodbraid and I am super excited to cast a Kolaghan’s Command or a Collective Brutality or even just a simple Fatal Push. Now, Jund hasn’t been a top deck for a long time, people have switched to Abzan for the powerful sideboard cards and the strong cards like Lingering Souls and Path to Exile. We have also seen Jund shift to a more aggressive shell in the form of Jund Death’s Shadow. Hopefully having Bloobraid back will lead to the rise of a more “traditional” Jund deck. Overall I can’t wait to have my favourite card back and if you’ve never cast it before then I beg you to try it at least once.

Oh and I guess Jace is cool too…

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