Melbourne Netrunner Regionals Breakdown

Saturday the 5th of July marked the biggest Netrunner event in Australia (so far). Fifty neo-Melbournians scored and stole agendas for six rounds of Swiss, culminating in a cut to top eight. A fortunate set of circumstances allowed me to take a different role than what I usually would. Rather than battle it out with my peers, I volunteered to Judge the event and thought I’d share a few thoughts around the experience (in addition to the usual run-down)

First and foremost, a big thanks to Games Laboratory and their staff for their effort and assistance throughout the day. In my wildest dreams I wouldn’t have expected 50 players and definitely couldn’t have done everything myself.

To anyone involved in the ANRTournament project, you guys are legends! Someone needs to throw big piles of money your way as you allowed the event to run smoothly throughout the day. The frequent updates and addition of ‘super byes’ has been a real life saver. If there was one improvement I’d like to see it would be around the display of pairings. Something akin to RTools would make things a bit smoother.

Fantasy Flight Games are moving in a good direction by including compensation for Tournament Organisers and Judges in their ‘Premiere’ level kits. Especially for events of this scale, it’s important for stores to have someone on hand with game knowledge not only to answer questions but to provoke questions. I’ve been a Magic judge for a short time now but it’s pretty horrifying when nobody asks for help. The next step for FFG is to step up support. Some events are reaching 7 rounds (65+ people) and really need multiple judges and staff. Ultimately, a fully-fledged system for this type of thing would be great but I won’t hold my breath.

A few people asked me about the types of things I dealt with throughout the day. Most of the work involved was checking decks and decklists, wandering the floor and entering results. The bulk of the calls were regarding timing structure of a run with a few communication issues throughout the day. I felt like the most problematic card going into the day would be Security Testing and made sure to remind players at the start of the event, which may have eliminated some potential calls.

The biggest issue of the day was during round two deck checks. A player had listed 18 agenda points in a 49 card deck. While there are no prescribed fixes for these situations, I was able to come to a comfortable result without disqualifying anyone.

As far as the tournament structure goes, double elimination fixed the issue that players raised regarding agenda points. It can create some awkwardness though; our winner’s bracket player had to wait for multiple games to start and finish before the finals began. For now it works fine and I’d expect it to be used for the foreseeable future.

With that done, let’s take a look at what people were playing!

ID Breakdown

Pulled straight from ANRTournament!


Faction and Identity breakdown

– Weyland was the least represented Corporation with only 3 players choosing to sleeve up the Big W. I think this speaks to the confidence players have with the faction at the moment as Melbourne has traditionally had a healthy contingent of Weyland die-hards. This is the first event I’ve seen where more influence has been spent paying for scorched earth than not. Hopefully the lunar cycle gives them a big shot in the arm, though its already looking good with The Root and Taurus.
That’s a lot of data to digest! Lets break down some of the more interesting pieces;

– Criminal was the most played runner (19) and the most varied Identity, with all but old man Sterling hitting the table on the day. Not only do Criminals have some powerful tools at their disposal but the hype from Honor & Profit is yet to subside. Shaper was not far off with 18 players, perhaps showing the power of deluxe expansion access?

– Far and away the most represented Corp was NBN with more than one 3rd of the field riding the Astro-train. As long as you’re shuffling up Sansan and Astroscript you’ve got a good shot at running away with the game.

– Noise was the surprise story of the day with best throughput of any ID. 5 of the 8 virus-slingers made their way into top 8, perhaps representing a good match-up against a field of fast-advance? Parasite does some serious work against the common NBN ICE suite, for sure.

– Top 8 represented a mix of the expected competitive corp strategies with a few spicy ones thrown in the mix. This list from Matthew Leong got him the number 1 seed after 6 rounds of Swiss, going down an unorthodox route with Scorched Earth and 0 tagging operations. Jason Ryan piloted a variation on my previously mentioned HB glacier list, cutting the horrible Caprice Nisei for a misers Scorched Earth that claimed the lives of 4 separate Noise decks.


– The runners in Top 8 were mostly standard archtypes, though there were some interesting pieces of tech. Both Andrew Banh and champion Phil Chan ran a full set of Express Delivery in Noise, a card I have praised before and am glad it has found a place. Anarch needed better card selection and I hope this gives you the impulse to pick up the deck. Once again Matthew has a sweet one with this Chaos Theory list featuring forgotten all star Personal Workshop. Turns out Stimhacking your rig into play is still good!

It was a fantastic day and congratulations to all the competitors! We’ll be back in the coming weeks with some video content but until then, here’s some pictures and deck lists from top 8.

Your Melbourne Regional Champion


Phillip Chan (Champion)
Runner: Noise
Corp: NBN Making News

Handsome runner-up Liam Prasad

Liam Prasad (Runner-up)
Runner: Noise
Corp: Jinteki Replicating Perfection

Sohum Banerjea (3rd)
Runner: Kate “Mac” McCaffrey
Corp: NBN The World is Yours* (London Regionals list)

Noise slayer Jason Ryan

Noise slayer Jason Ryan

Jason Ryan (4th )
Runner: Andromeda
Corp: Haas Bioroid Engineering the Future

Matthew Leong (Top of swiss)
Runner: Chaos Theory
Corp: NBN The World is Yours*

Giles Adams (Top 8)
Runner: Noise
Corp: NBN The World is Yours*

Andrew Banh ready for his Top 8 match

Andrew Banh ready for his Top 8 match

Andrew Banh (Top 8)
Runner: Noise
Corp: NBN The World is Yours*

Stephen Nash (Top 8)
Runner: Noise
Corp: Haas Bioroid Engineering the Future

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