Magic: The Gathering – Deck Building Competition

We hope you’ve been enjoying the latest Magic: The Gathering release of Kaladesh.  From its new Energy mechanic to its crewed Vehicles, Kaladesh has been a fascinating and fun release.  We’re sure many of you have been brewing decks with these new cards since before they were even released and we’d like to invite you to pop your thinking caps back on.

Select (at minimum) FOUR of the cards from our list below and build your own deck around them.  It doesn’t matter if you only use a single of each card, a playset or something in between.  Then build the best Standard Format deck you can think of using those cards.

Be creative.  Throwing four random one-off cards into a well established deck isn’t going to cut it.  Besides, we’ve picked some interesting (but not necessarily the best) cards for you to work with.  When you are done, mail it to us –

Why build a deck at all?  Prizes!  We’ve got a mint Melbourne Grand Prix playmat, a mint Sydney Grand Prix playmat and a Kaladesh Deck Builder’s Toolkit to give away.

Why build the best deck you can and not just a few random cards and 56 lands?  Because we’re actually going to look at all the entries, vote on our favourites and then randomly hand out those deck to ATGN contributors.  Then, using the decks you’ve designed we’ll play a three round tournament.  The winner of the tournament will win the Melbourne Grand Prix playmat for the person who built their deck, second place the Sydney Grand Prix playmat and third the Tookit.

So to be clear, you build a good deck, have it chosen by us and then have it played by someone competent like Ben, Harry, Connor or Matt and not someone hopeless at the game like our editor-in-chief Toby.  If they place in the top three, then you get the prize.

Enter as many times as you like, although entries are limited to those currently residing in Australia.  Don’t forget to include your full name and postal address with your email so we can send you your prizes if you win. Good luck!

The Card List

White: Aviary MechanicRefurbishMaster Trinketeer
Blue: Dramatic ReversalShrewd NegotiationMetallurgic Summonings
Black: Aetherborn MarauderUnderhanded DesignsMidnight Oil
Green: Larger Than LifeArmorcraft JudgeOviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecraft
Red: Reckless FireweaverStart Your EnginesFateful Showdown
Artifact: Dynavolt TowerElectrostatic PummelerPanharmonicon


Competition closes midnight Friday October 21st (AEST).  Entries will only be accepted if they include a valid name and postal address.  Competition is only open to Australian residents.  Decks will be selected by ATGN staff, no correspondence will be entered into regarding this.  Winners will be announced on the ATGN website and contacted via email in the days following the competition closing.  This competition is run independent of Wizards of the Coast, Hasbro or Chainlinks Events.

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