Magic: The Gathering – ‘Conspiracy’ Revealed


While it’s been no secret that the new ‘Conspiracy’ Draft Set from Wizards of the Coast was on it’s way we now have the full and official reveal of the product.

“What is Conspiracy?” some of you might ask.  Well, in short, it’s a new set of cards that are specifically designed for draft format and introduce some fun and interesting new mechanics to the game, even effecting the draft process itself.  Wizards of the Coast have been kind enough to put up a complete ‘Mechanics of Conspiracy’ page on their website which will save me the task of copy/pasting large swathes of text.  Head over to the website here for a complete explanation of all the new mechanics.

If however you’d prefer to watch some Conspiracy in action and have a bit of a chuckle while you do it, WotC have put together this video giving you a complete demonstration of a Conspiracy Draft with some well known faces in the MTG scene. It’s at least 30 minutes long but if you have the time during your lunch break, it’s well worth the watch.

Conspiracy goes on sale Friday June 6th, so no doubt expect your Local Gaming Store to be drafting that evening.  Pricing should be that of regular MTG boosters, check your LGS for specific pricing however.

~ Toby

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