Magic 2015 Deck Builder’s Toolkit

Howdy there, it’s (hopefully) your favorite Texan (I’m better than Bush, I swear!) back with a review of the new Magic 2015 Deck builder’s Toolkit.  Magic 2015 is the latest Magic: The Gathering Core Set released annually by Wizards of the Coast. A deck builder’s toolkit is focused on newer players and is a more than perfect opportunity for beginners to both learn how to play and start their collection. First let’s get to a general overview of the product.


As you can see it comes in a very attractive black and white box. Now let’s have a look at it opened up.


Neat and orderly


Handy storage box


All laid out

Quite a lot of cards inside. The whole box includes 125 semi-randomized cards, a large pack of 100 basic lands, and an included player’s guide to learn the basics of the game. Along with the semi-randomized cards it also comes with 4 randomized booster packs from recent expansions. This box in particular came with one each of Magic 2015, Theros, Born of the Gods, and Dragon’s Maze expansions respectively. Time for the best part, cracking the packs:


As you can see from the pictures, the toolkit came with a wide variety of cards, evenly distributed by colors and a fat stack of basic lands. After looking through all the cards and getting an overall feel for what’s inside the kit, a buddy and I decided to try and put on a pair of new player goggles and come up with the coolest looking deck of cards with the best synergies.

After about 45 minutes of taking a hard look at different decks we both commented on how much variety was in such a little box! At the end of it all, my friend and I discussed about a dozen or more different decks we could make and that number is not even counting small variations in each of those respective decks. However, after all was said and done we came down to two different decks that were more personal preferences than power levels as we couldn’t really find the “best” deck.

The first one was a Blue and Green colored deck that used a combination of big creatures and spells that returned the opponents creatures to their hands! This color combination is a favorite of newer players. Who doesn’t love playing big dudes to attack and kill their opponent?!

Creatures 24

2 Satyr Wayfinder                             2 Elvish Mystics

2 Shaman of Spring                            2 Frost Lynx

2 Omenspeaker                                  1 Reclamation Sage

1 Nyxborn Wolf                                 1 Coral Barrier

1Nessian Game Warden                  1 Archetype of Imagination

1 Garruk’s Packleader                      1 Voyatgin Satyr

1 Cloaked Siren                                   1 Nemesis of Mortals

1 Tromokratis                                      1 Mahamoti Djinn

1 Nyxborn triton                                1 Terra Stomper

1 Charging Rhino

Spells 11

2 Time to Feed                                     2 Divination

1 Ranger’s Guile                                    1 Voyage’s End

1 Into theVoid                                       1 Commune with the Gods

1 Peel from Reality                               1 Sudden Storm

1 Jace’s Ingenuity

Artifacts 1

1 Rogue’s Gloves

Lands 24

2 Evolving Wilds                                     10 Island

12 Forest


The second deck was more of synergistic deck focusing around the colors Black and White. There are quite a few cards that interact so well with each other it makes the deck feel so smooth while you’re playing it!

Creatures 21

2 Gray Merchant of Asphodel               2 Child of Night

1 Typhoid Rats                                             1 Sengir Vampire

1 Disciple of Phenax                                   1 Blood Scrivener

1 Warchanter of Mogis                              1 Mogis’s Marauder

1 Nightmare                                                   1 Accursed Spirit

1 Squelching Leeches                                 1 Cavern Lampad

1 Oreskos Swiftclaw                                     1 Loyal Pegasus

1 Serra Angel                                                  1 Nyx-Fleece Ram

1 Aegis Angel                                                  1 Scholar of Athreos

1 Triad of Fates

Spells 14

2 Sign in Blood                                                2 Pharika’s Cure

3 Divine Verdict                                             1 Crippling Blight

1 Read the Bones                                            1 Cast into Darkness

1 Flesh to Dust                                                 1 Flesh to Dust

1 God’s Willing                                                 1 Riot Control

1 Bile Blight                                                      1 Raise the Alarm

Lands 24

1 Orzhov Guildgate                                         2 Evolving Wilds

9 Plains                                                                 12 Swamps

However the best part about this product is that you can make it your own! Don’t listen to someone online that’s enjoying it! Go out and get one of your own! Overall this product is fantastic for a player interested in picking up the game, a person looking for a gift for a relative or friend to get them into the game, or even someone who’s been playing for a few months! It’s a got a wide variety of cards and booster packs from recent expansions.

All this fun in one little package that just retails at AUD$29.99!

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