Magic 2014 Core set Rules Changes

The next set to be released by Wizards of the Coast for the trading card game Magic the Gathering is the 2014 Core Set, one of the staple sets that come between the storyline blocks. I bet we will see lots of exciting new cards or re-prints of old cards that suit being back in type. With this set though, more will be implemented than just new cards coming in or old ones coming back. Several of the old rules have been changed, re-vamped and made to suit the newer meta that the game has moved onto.

Here is a brief list of the rules that have undergone changes, and a rough outline of those changes.

  1. The Legend Rule – Changes from all players to single players, so 2 different players could have the same legend out at the same time. Also, if a single player brings out more than one of the same legend, that player gets to choose and keep one of them.
  2. The Planeswalker Uniqueness Rule – Very similar to the new Legends Rule. If you cast another planeswalker with the same name, you choose one and keep, rather than scrap both.
  3. Sideboards in Constructed Tournaments – This change lets you have up to 15 cards in sideboard, rather than either 15 or 0. And you need not swap on a 1 to 1 basis anymore. As long as there are no more than 15 cards in the sideboard, and you still have the minimum 60 card deck, its all good.
  4. Indestructable Promoted to Keyword – As the same says. You might have thought it was a keyword, but it wasn’t. This does have some implications when it comes to certain rules. Read more in the full article.
  5. Unblockable Demoted to NOT a Keyword – The template will be changed to “can’t be blocked”. The reason? Something to do with subsets.
  6. Playing Additional Lands – This one is here, I’d say, to stop players abusing certain card effects to get a lot of land into play. Too long to go into exactly.

WotC has an article up on it here and they have another one here explaining why there are those changes. Some of these changes will bring a whole new aspect to the game, and definitely change the way Legends and Planeswalkers are played.  Magic 2014 Core comes out July the 13th and these new rules take effect at the same time.


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