Luck & Logic Unboxing Booster Boxes


You may recall my introductory article for Luck & Logic. Well, since then I’ve been slowly updating my deck towards something resembling a competitive deck and have been having a lot of fun with my time with the game. The nice folks at Ozanimart sent us a copy of each of the first two booster boxes to unbox. Here are these unboxing videos as well as my thoughts on each of the sets.


What I definitely enjoyed from the structure of these booster boxes is how self contained they seem. What I mean by that is each booster box contains the core cards the new deck types in that set are introducing. These usually span one or two decks per colour per set. That, combined with smaller box sizes, makes it very easy for targeted purchasing for the players and special foil chasing for collectors. For the budget conscious players willing to do some research, there’s no need to buy boxes of every set. For the sets that your deck of choice is not core of, you can easily chase the singles required to update your deck. But if you are either a completionist or the type that wants to try all deck archetypes, you should definitely be picking up every box. This flexibility in the way booster boxes are structured is a big plus for me.

With this in mind, I will be building towards a Lucifer/Olga Deck so keep an eye on this space for that deck profile soon. Until then may you be as lucky as you are logical.

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