My Little Pony – Canterlot Nights Pre-Release @ GUF Brisbane


Saturday the 31st of May 2014 was a busy day at GUF Brisbane.  For those of the My Little Pony persuasion the store was host to not one but two pre-release events for Canterlot Night, one of the few (if not the only) stores in Australia to run two of these prestigious events over the weekend.

The premiere release of the My Little Pony Collectable Card Game has proven to be a huge success with large groups of players congregating at their local gaming stores weekly.  Beyond simply playing the game, collectors too have flocked to the game as card values soar up and up, with the Nightmare Moon Pre-Release promotional card typically selling for $300-$500 on eBay.


My Little Pony Pre-Release in Action

Needless to say there was a lot of excitement building up to the pre-release (and upcoming release) of Canterlot Nights, the first expansion for the MLP CCG.  While Australia might be a couple of weeks behind the United States of America with events and releases, this time around it was in our favour.  Sadly our American friends had a slightly botched pre-release with one of the intro decks having incorrect cards.  Happily (for us at least) by the time the kits came to our shores the printing error had been rectified and we where able to run the pre-release events as originally intended.

CocoPommelParticipants where given the choice between the Princess Luna and Princess Celestia Theme Decks and were required to dual it out over four rounds of Swiss Pair.  Everyone who participated in the event received a literal bag of goodies including boosters, a badge, postcard and the foil stamped special participation card – #PF2 Coco Pommel.  Those who placed better than 12th also received additional boosters and the couple who reached the lofty heights of first and second also received another special foil stamped prize card – #PF4 In Your Dreams.InYourDreams

Both events where filled with laughter as our Pony enthusiast played games and made friends.  The ultimate winner of the day however was resident GUF player Lincoln who won both of the pre-release events, scoring himself a whopping 14 boosters for the day!

The Canterlot Nights expansion for MLP has been enthusiastically welcomed by the community, and not a moment too soon as the game was just starting to become stagnant with many players having acquired full sets of premiere release cards and having tweaked their decks to perfection.  Now the process begins all over again and the fun continues!


Definitive Winner of the Day – Lincoln

Canterlot Nights releases Friday June 6th in Australia, check with your Local Gaming Store for product and events and don’t forget to check out the My Little Pony CCG – Australia Facebook group to find events in your area or advertise them (Brisbane residents may want to join the specific Brisbane group here).

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