Little Orc Wars

A while back, I wrote an article about Little Wars, a book written by H. G. Wells that gives rules for miniature war gaming and was released in 1913. Little Wars is still popular today, to the degree that a company has released a game system inspired by it, called Little Orc Wars.

Little Orc Wars is inspired by and based on the rules found in Little Wars and Floor Games (Wells’ other game book, released in 1911). It is meant to be a simple, easy to play and fast-paced system designed so players can focus on fun and strategy rather than mechanics. The book includes basic rules for normal play, and optional extra rules that bring in a whole slew of guidelines for many different things such as buildings, fantasy races, boats, terrain and much more. The use of live catapult fire to resolve ranged combat has been kept in, keeping to the spirit of Wells’ work.

What I like about this is that the system has been designed to work with almost any miniatures, not specific ones from a specific company. This is great for people who already have miniatures, they can use them easily. Or if someone does not, then they are free to get the miniatures they want from where ever, depending on their choice of cost, aesthetics or whatever else.

This book has been prepared by Skirmisher Games, but can be bought from DriveThru RPG as a PDF. There is an option to buy the H. G. Wells bundle, which includes Little Wars and Floor Games. Prices are very reasonable as well.

Little Orc Wars from DriveThru RPG here: Little Orc Wars.

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