Let the Crystal Games Commence!



Take your seats Mares and Gentle colts – The Crystal Games expansion set is now available for play in MLP CCG.


After much anticipation and hype, Banter and Enterplay announced the Australian release of My Little Pony Collectable Card Game Series Three, ‘The Crystal Games’. I went along to the pre-release event held at GUF Brisbane. The other Brisbane pre-release event was held at Fastbreak Sports. Despite being held almost a month after the US pre-release events, MLP CCG fans and Bronies alike were keen to get their hooves on the new set.


The Crystal GPrincess Cadance, Loving Ruler STARTame series introduces 230 new cards, 6 new Mane Characters and a new set of 16 Ultra Rare cards. The Crystal Games also introduces two new game mechanisms: Prismatic and Teamwork. Prismatic allows your pony Friends to share colours across traits and Teamwork allows your Friends to share attributes and bonuses across traits. Traits were introduced in Premier set for the eventual release of the Prismatic and Teamwork mechanisms.

Following deck building, there were four rounds of Swiss Pairs to determine placing and prizes. Up for grabs were two Bubbly Mare limited edition t-shirts, promo foils and boosters. Everyone walked out with an alternative art foil copy of ‘Maud Pie, Like a Rock’, a booster, a commemorative event badge, a velvet MLP dice bag and a postcard.

After assignment everyone ripped open their boosters to see what new cards they got. I got lucky on the first booster and pulled an ultra rare ‘Pinky Pie – Distracting Cheer’. I pulled an interesting mix of entry cards, Crystal Ponies and trouble makers. Other URs that were pulled from the boosters were Spitfire, The Crystal Games, AppleJack Carbo-loader, Backup Racer and Trixie the Great and Powerful (show off).

Bubbly Mare, Helping Hoof STARTSealed format was a mixed bag for participants. Some players didn’t get entry cards to match their mane. One player didn’t get entry cards at all. The sealed format was different to previous pre-release formats, as previous formats had used two mane starter packs with complete sets. There were advantages and disadvantages for the new format. The advantage is that sealed boosters give advanced players more control over their deck contents and the ability to pick cards for their play style. This isn’t possible using a pre-constructed starter set. However, the player runs the risk of not getting entry cards or fixers, putting them at a distinct disadvantage. A recommendation would be that there is a small allowed list of entry cards in every colour for players to add into their deck after inspection by the tournament organizer or the judge.

After building our decks everyone was organized into four rounds of Swiss Pairs. Two losses and two wins later, I found myself in the middle of the tournament table. Our winner was Steven, who also has one league win and a league 2nd placement under his belt. Coming in second was Knil, followed by Paige and Lincoln.

The Crystal Games set was well received by new and old players alike. The event at GUF was well organised and everyone who attended had a great time. The sealed format event was interesting, and with some minor tweaking it will prove more balanced in future events.

Join Annette next fortnight when she discusses the new Crystal Games starter decks.



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