Legendary: Marvel deck building game!

Hey guys. It’s been a while since I last posted something but I am back to shoot you guys a review of a Marvel deck building game I bought not too long ago. After playing this a bit and fiddling around with the rules I found this game to be incredibly fun with a group of friends, sitting around a table with some pizza and drinks. While you can play this single player, I think you can get the most out of it is playing with 6 people (which is the limit, I believe).

Unleash the power of the Cosmic Cube scheme!

Alrighty then. Well you’re probably interested in what goes down while playing. And I’m not going to leave you hanging!

First off you basically pick a story – a plot and an evil mastermind. You follow what it says on the card(s) to construct the villain deck. You play through the villain deck, trying to stop villains from escaping the city through defeating them, whilst trying to purchase the aid of the heroes in the SHIELD HQ. Each scheme is different and allows for different twists and turns each game. You start off basically commanding a small squad of SHIELD agents and troopers and from there you start recruiting heroes that eventually go into your squad making you more powerful to defeat the mastermind and foil his scheme.

Board set up and ready for play.

Deadpool’s “ultimate” hero card.

Basically, the board gets set up like that (yes I know, it’s practically a board game and card game in one!). If you play Magic: the Gathering, you can basically think of this as every turn you’re trying to combo off as best you can. Either racking up enough stars (used as a currency to purchase heroes) or attack power (used to defeat villains or masterminds) and go for gold. I forgot to mention you’re limited to 5 to 6 types of heroes in the hero deck, depending on the amount of players. But don’t worry! There’s a rather large pool of heroes you can play around with, ranging from X-Men, to the Avengers, to Spiderman and even Deadpool (my personal favorite hero to mess around with).

As you can probably see, Deadpool kinda likes giving people wounds. Wounds pretty much turn into dead draws, which try and make your combo fizzle. You can get rid of wounds, but like Deadpool, some heroes (specifically the Hulk) love the use of wounds. There’s a scheme that limits the size of the wound pile, and when it depletes, evil wins! So wounds can play a big factor on the game. Most times when I used “Random acts of Unkindness” I’d gain the wound, pass it on, only to get a wound from the player on my right. But oh well. That’s just how it goes I guess!

This is the first card game/board game I’ve played that’s been purely teamwork based, unless you want to be that guy that messes around with the board state and just trolls around, which we found ourselves doing more often than not because of how breezy we found it to beat the mastermind and win. To forcibly make it a more teamwork based game, a group of us decided to make a “God Mode” for rules. We pick the hardest scheme, the mastermind gets +4 to his strength, all scheme twists go in and we picked all heroes that don’t work that well with one another. Needless to say we were unable to beat the mastermind at all. The villain deck was combo-ing off itself and there was nothing we could do about it (as there’s no stack in instant speed cards in this game).

Aw snap, the Destroyer!

But alas you need a true victor right? When you’ve defeated the mastermind, everyone counts up all their points in their victory pile (consists of villains, mastermind cards and bystanders you have defeated and/or saved [yes there’s a scheme that turns bystanders into villains]), and the person with the highest number of victory points is the true hero. There’s only one issue to finishing a game in Legendary: Marvel deck building game, is that when it’s all over, you have to sort everything back out as the hero and villain decks are usually different for most games. But if you can get past all the fiddling about setting up and packing it up, I recommend this to anyone who is up for trying something new (as you build a deck on the fly) and more obviously to anyone who is a Marvel nut (like myself :D).

Anyway I won’t keep you guys any longer (and if you’ve read through all of this, thank you!) and I’m not going to spoil all the fun for you. Now go out and defeat a mastermind whilst saving some bystanders.


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