Kicking Conan – A Brilliant Idea

As some people know, I very much like board games. So when I was given a link to a very interesting board game on Kickstarter, I had to take a look.

We all know that Kickstarter is already pretty chock full of board games already, but this one is pretty special, it is all about Conan the Barbarian. We all love Conan, the classic character from Robert E. Howard, and this board game is based upon his writings.


Right, now some info about the game itself. It is a large game, with lots of included pieces, for 2 – 5 players and can be played in about an hour or so. It has a large amount in common with a certain other board game, Hero Quest (and it’s derivatives like Advanced Hero Quest and Descent: Journeys in the Dark). Both games have an Overlord, a single player who controls the game and the monsters and who the rest of the players have to work against to win. Both games have up to 4 players who each control a single hero character who work together to overcome the Overlord and ultimately win the scenario. Both games have a selection of finely crafted miniatures.

The Kickstarter has already exceeded the goal by almost 1000% (at the time of writing), with over 20 days still to go. A lot of stretch goals have been met (and that means lots of freebies), with a few more still to go. Prices are very reasonable, considering the sheer amount of material in the game. The base version is $90 and the Deluxe version goes for $135. Those are some very reasonable prices, when compared to other board games of that size.

A list of what you get in the box:

74 Highly detailed, 32mm, plastic models
1 Book of Skelos (Plastic overlord dashboard)
25 coloured base sleeves
9 engraved, six sided dice (3 Yellow, 3 Orange, 3 Red)
60 Plastic energy gems
4 Hero character sheets
1 Turn counter sheet
43 Creature tiles
55 spell and equipment cards (1.65×2.48in / 42x63mm)
2 double sided game boards 24x28in / 60x70cm (4 maps: Pictish village, Pirate ship, Inn, Fortress)
Over 80 tokens (doors, chests, villagers, effects…)
1 rule book (includes: 8 scenarios)


Now you will have to agree, that is a lot, and with the stretch goals, there are an extra 85 pieces (so far). All that for $90? A steal.

Shipping is not confirmed at this point, but they estimate it will be $30 for Australia. I’d say that would be a fairly conservative estimate at this point.

The Kickstarter link is here. I suggest going and having a look for yourself, there is some brilliant art and models displayed in there. It really does look good.

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