Journeyman’s Dice new RPG Kit

Sometimes, breaking into the role-playing scene can be difficult; finding local groups or players, overcoming the social stigma or even one’s own anxieties. But now the fully Australian owned and run Journeyman’s Dice have brought us an idea to make the process easier, the Beginner D&D/RPG kit.

Aimed at those new to role-playing, the Beginner D&D/RPG kit contains a number of items for a new player to use in their games.

The kit contains:

  • A wooden box with clasp
  • Two sets of Adventure Dice (7 dice per set)
  • A small pouch
  • Two short pencils
  • A pack of three erasers (shaped like melee weapons)
  • A small leather journal

I think this is a brilliant idea to introduce someone to role-playing, especially children. Giving them their own kit to look after and use during the game is a great way to get them involved and invested in the game, more so than just supplying a pencil while sitting at the table. The kit has a fantasy theme to the components.

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At $33 with some shipping, I think these are priced pretty well for what they contain.

Let’s take a closer look at the components.

  • The wooden box is of pretty standard quality, not the best, but it does the job. The clasp on mine was a bit misaligned so the lid did wobble about a bit, but it didn’t come open, so it was fine. Some additional decoration could be done to it to make it more personalised. It also doubles as a handy dice rolling tray.
  • The dice I received in my kit are basic ones, both sets black, one with yellow/gold numbering and the other with green. The website ordering page shows several different colours for the dice, and one can choose between three options, Dark & Broody (a selection of 9 darker shaded dice sets), Sunshine & Rainbows (11 brighter shaded sets) or Surprise Me (pretty obvious what’s going on here).
  • The small pouch is a small pouch, meant for the dice I suspect. It is a pretty full pouch if both sets of dice are put in it. It has a velvety feel.
  • My two pencils had skulls on them, generally keeping with the fantasy theme, even if the skulls were all bright colours. But otherwise are just pencils.
  • The erasers, I was surprised to see, are shaped like melee weapons. One axe, one sword (or maybe club?) and one hook sword. I didn’t expect these to function very well, but I was pleasantly surprised.
  • Probably the star of this kit, the leather journal is a small notebook with an embossed leather cover and leather closing cord. Inside at the spine is a binder clip so new paper can be put in when the original paper has been all used up. The leather has a nice feel, and should be pretty hardy.

Some might say the price of this is too much, but I would have to disagree. Those leather journals alone can be quite pricey, and an average set of adventure dice can retail for $10 each, and this kit has two sets. Sure, you might be able to put it together yourself for a few dollars cheaper, but these guys have put in the time and effort already. There is only one thing I would do differently, and that would be include a pencil sharpener.

If you want to get some of your own, go to the site here to order them. They also have some new products coming soon, so keep an eye on them.

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